Why an Electronic Bidet is a Great Investment

Mar 15, 2021 | 0 comments

Electronic bidet

For bidet users looking to upgrade or for those shopping around for bidets, the electronic bidet is the next step to comfort and convenience.

You may be wondering what the difference between a regular and electronic bidet are. While both types provide the basic function of cleaning your private area with a pressurized stream through the home’s water supply, an electronic bidet is coveted for its comfort, convenience, and ease of use. Regular bidets may require a separate fixture entirely, while electronic bidets are often attached to your existing toilet as an add-on. Popular electronic bidet models offer many additional features powered by electricity.


One of the best features that most electronic bidet models offer is a built-in heater that warms the water, so never again will you have to be shocked by the cold spray of a freezing water stream. If available, you may even be able to control the temperature by setting it to a timer, so the water is warmed only during the day or night. This allows you customize based on your preferences or your needs, depending on whether you want to save on your water or electric bill.

Most models also provide a power-saving mode, which is ideal for use during the night. For further bidet use during the night, attachments with an LED night light can prevent the awkward experience of fumbling in the dark, and with the feature of a warm-air dryer, the need to search for and use toilet paper is eliminated completely.

Additionally, the option of a heated seat can provide comfort and luxury. Although nozzles for regular bidets are adjustable, an electronic bidet allows more ease and even lets you change the stream to different water pressures. Some models even have self-cleaning nozzles, saving you the trouble of worrying about hygiene.

With the use of a remote control, an electronic bidet increases accessibility for those who may have trouble with mobility, allowing you to control features such as raising or lowering the seat electronically.

Electronic bidet

Availability & Cost

Regular bidets are often thought of as separate fixtures that sit next to the toilet. Having this added to your bathroom requires extra space, and can be a significant upgrade. After it is added, it can also be difficult to adjust to. Meanwhile, electronically-operated bidet seats are designed to fit most standard toilets already in the bathroom. Electronic bidets allow ease of use and are readily available on the market for nearly any toilet model, reducing the need to figure out all the hard-to-use features.

While the initial cost of an electronic bidet seat is typically higher, homeowners often find that the investment is worth it. Similar to a toilet, bidets are used on average for at least 20 years. For the ultimate comfort and convenience, this investment is worth it for the daily use.


Installing an electronic bidet is much more complicated and extensive than your typical DIY plumbing job. Since this kind of bidet utilizes electricity near water, for your safety, it is recommended to have a professional do the job.

For bidets that need to be plugged into an outlet, it is especially crucial that the power supply used is a GFCI outlet. If needed, a licensed electrician can assess whether your bathroom layout can accommodate the addition before having one installed. Others usually need a dedicated circuit from the electrical panel, which will require the intervention of an electrician.

Before buying an electronic bidet, you will need to ensure that it fits the model of your toilet as well, which a licensed electrician will be able to help you with.

For all repairs, always consult a professional.

Are you thinking of having an electronic bidet installed? Do you need your electronic bidet repaired?

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