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Well, I bought another theme from Themeforest and put it to use on tokyoskyscraper.com. It's just a vCard, and looks good too. The funny thing was, I looked at all their vCards and bought the best looking one, even though I was a bit iffy on the buttons. Searching for some new buttons, I come across another theme the one I'm currently using. So I've blown the budget by $12, but I can live with that.

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Finished another module of Certficate 4 yesterday. The whole thing should have taken 12 months to do, max; I've taken 17 months and just did the 6th module, with four to go. I knocked it over in 5 days, so I'm not sure why I can't have the rest done by the end of March.

Other than that, I've taken up work's offer of another $1,000 in free shares. We're being taken over by Accor soon, so the 'lock' will be removed, and I'll have nearly $3,000 I can cash out. My car so desperately needs a service, a huge service, so this will come in very handy. Apart from the timing belt and head gaskets, the front-left brake disc is wearing a bit fast and making a funny noise, I think the front-left CV joint is on it's way out, and that damn CHECK ENGINE light still lights up at random moments. It's nothing major, most like a dud sensor, but it's driving me nuts. Grrr.

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