You've had a lovely sleep, you roll over in...

You've had a lovely sleep, you roll over in bed as the early morning sun has made it's way into the room, you're awoken by your one true love and all you can hear is the sweet tones of the marimba alarm going off. You open your eyes, and there it is, your sleek, black, mirrored iPhone 4.

Like most lovers in the early morning though, more than likely you roll over, woken up during a deep sleep by it making noise, you look over and it's covered in grease and finger smudges while the alarm on the phone is at fever pitch. But that's not romantic.

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This is my ode to the iPhone 4, before you poo-poo the review I used to be just like you; Why won't that idiot get off his phone, what's he doing, it's a phone for-f@ck-sake..

Whenever I see someone else dilly-dallying about with the i4 I wonder what apps they're playing with, if they know just how good evernote is or what their username on is.

Contrary to popular belief, the iPhone (or any smartphone) isn't just for checking your facebook and playing farmville.

So here it is, my i4 review. I like to think that I'm pushing the phone to it's limits and to be honest I like to think of it more of a laptop that looks amazing and fits in my pocket. Taking and making calls on it is the least I use it for.

My i4 is my camera, video camera, stock broker, social media gadget of choice, notebook, music player, newspaper, portable hardrive, gamer, clock, email client and small movie editor. Oh yeah, sometimes it's my mobile phone.

Camera Stills & Video

The i4 features a 5-megapixel sensor, an LED flash, and a 5x digital zoom. Has a front and rear camera so you can have video calls or self portrait all day long. Its the add-on apps that make the camera features absolutely kick arse. Noteworthy apps for photography include; Photosynth for taking panoramic shots, timelapse for recording timelapse videos that can be directly uploaded to youtube straight from the i4, filterstorm which is like having a stripped version of photoshop in your pocket and iMovie for putting it all together in a fantastic short film. Instagram is the best thing since sliced bread and is a combination of photography and social media.

Stock Broker

Every one of the bigger trading platforms has an iPhone app. Your bank has a mobile banking app, yahoo finance has one, bloomberg has one. Done. I can receive quotes straight from the floor, place a limit order, cut my losses or sell before the close of play, all while I'm in bed.

Social Media Tycoon

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Posterous and everything else under sun. Enough said. For a must read on Darren at Digital Photography School has written a great review of the app, and posts plenty of photos on their himself.


The number 1 application of choice for the i4 has to be evernote. A completely FREE app that you can take notes on, which sync directly to your PC. If you take notes on evernote on your PC they sync directly to your i4. Capture every brain snap you've ever had.

Music Player

Prior to i4 I lugged around a phone and my iPod touch, unnecessarily. The i4 has the same functionality, with the only downside being the smaller storage capacity.


Bloomberg, BBC news, USA Today, ABC News, all the big players have their own easy to read i4 app. Almost all internet news is speedier than the TV broadcasts, handy for trading.


Oh yeah, the i4 makes for a pretty handy phone too. I'm thinking of getting another phone, because I'm usually inconvenienced when the i4 rings and I'm using it for something else.

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