Why cotton is one of the best materials in the world...

Cotton is the most versatile and popular fabric in the world, and the fashion world has used this fabric in some of it's most appealing creations, especially women's tops. There is good reason for this. Cotton shirts for women have some distinct and unique advantages for the wearer.

One of the greatest advantages of cotton is that it is hypoallergenic as well as dust mite resistant. Any woman who is hypoallergenic will appreciate wearing a cotton shirt that does not cause skin irritations. Cotton, too, is a better choice for any woman with allergies or asthmait is a benign fiber for anyone with these issues.

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Although cotton is one of those fabrics that can be dressed up or down, it is also a fabric that "breathes well" or allows moisture to wick away from the skin. Any cotton shirts for women will let them feel cool and comfortable on the most stressful or heat-filled days. Additionally, the softness of cotton against the skin will enhance this comfort for the wearer.

Although all parts of the cotton plant are used in industry, it is the fibers of the cotton ball that are used to create the fabric. These fibers have a natural twist to them, so when spun, they create a very strong thread or yarn. This thread is then woven into cotton fabric, making it more durable than most other fabrics. The reason for this is that the fibers have what is called a "high tensile strength" which makes the cotton fibers less likely to tear or rip. Cotton is also one of those fabrics which tend not to degrade much, even when exposed to sunlight or washed in hot water. On the other hand, cotton fabric is a renewable resource and also completely biodegradable, making it a perfect eco-friendly fabric for cotton shirts for women.

When considering the washing of women's cotton shirts, cotton again has proven itself a winner in the fashion industry. This fabric, when wet, is 30% stronger than other fabrics, even when being washed in hot water. During a washing, water will penetrate the core of the cotton fibers; this is why it is easy to remove dirt from any cotton shirt.

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