A great machine shop...

Do you need a great machine shop who could handle your special CNC requests?

When you need a custom hot rod part you'd call a machine shop and see if they can produce it for you. Some CNC machine shops may be able to produce the item for you but may be too expensive. Some shops may be very reasonable in their rates but may not produce the product for you on time or at all, you get what you pay for.

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Gabe Brown Engineering Quality CNC Machined Billet Racing Parts.

When your reputation is on the line, you need a machine shop you can count on that is run by an experienced machinist with years of CNC machining so you can be sure of the quality of raw stock, the excellence of the milled parts, and the timely delivery of the production run.

You need the team at Gabe Brown Engineering in Anaheim California.

Although we won't mention any names we know you've seen our work. Many of the winning race cars have our components on them. Many of the show cars you might see at big events like the SEMA show, our CNC machined billet parts are there. We're not trying to brag but it would be safe to say that if you own a hot rod or you're in the middle of a restoration project or trying to beat the deadline for SEMA, you can count on Gabe Brown Engineering. Specializing in one offs specialty parts and complete original performance designs.

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