Get these components for your RC car...

If you are a hobbyist basher or serious racer of the new large scale RC class of off-road racing it means you are getting race-ready billet components for your HPI Baja 5B. These components will help your RC car survive days of hard bashing and many laps on the track. Not only survive but these performance based components are race bread and ready to help you get to the podium. The GBE tuned pipe comes in two styles, Side Bleed Twin Stinger design and End Bleed design, hand coned, hand welded and nickel plated. These pipes offer the best performance gain for both stock and modified 23 cc to 30.5 cc gasoline engines. With over 40 years of racing pipe design and experience, you can count on the GBE tuned pipe to get you to the checkered flag.

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GBE CNC RC Hobby Machining Capabilities.

Gabe Brown Engineering offers individuals wishing to create and promote their own RC component made from billet aluminum a full service machine shop. Capable of prototyping and producing short and long runs of production parts we invite you to contact us with your needs. We guarantee fit, function and quality in each component we make not only for ourselves but for our clients as well.

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