Full Moon Loonies

Well, my vinyl arrived on Monday. But seeing as I don't have a record player, they're being stashed away nicely, unwrapped.

And right now there's a full moon out and I'm in the middle of my last graveyard shift. Surprisingly, there's been no problems so far; usually a full moon brings out the drunks, druggies and ferals. So I'm not complaining.

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That Scandal Show CD I cancelled, I re-ordered it from Hong Kong $40 cheaper. And I get wristbands. I'm gonna look so cool with Rina and Mami on my wrists. Yes!

Other than that, this week has been pretty uneventful. I changed the fonts here, but that was about it. And the new iPad I'm kinda considering, pretty much because the reason I got rid of my original iPad was because the resolution was awful, when compared to the then new iPhone 4. Plus I have this laptop, so I probably don't need The new iPad . That and the fact the 4G won't work in Australia, there's no real use for it. But I'll see how I go. I usually say one thing then do the opposite.

Anyway, it's 1:41AM and everybody on Facebook is telling me I have to watch Kony 2012. I'm gonna pass. I'd rather be watching Futurama.

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