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I decided to get a mobile theme last night for this website. A wee bit of customization has been done, and some plugin was installed so you can see the desktop and mobile versions a bit different. I used to use WP Touch Pro, but got kinda bored with it as everyone uses it [ Well, the freebie version anyway ]. $22 and a few bits of editing and I'm all sweet.

Thought! Hoping to actually modify the overall appearance of my personal website. Feelings regarding the modern design of Undoubtedly an exclusive Burlington based realtor that cares if, perhaps desired inside the general Ontario region. Send your vote. Cheers!

My new Scandal CD has been marked as sent. Can't wait for it to arrive!

And I'm all done with night shift. So hope I don't get any more in a hurry.

Ooh ooh ooh. Wheels magazine has one of those tell-us-in-100-words-or-less competitions running, with the prize being a $4,500 watch. Now that's one competition I'd love to win. My entry has already been mailed, so again, fingers crossed.

And that's it!

Bless you everyone! I just told my coworker I could absolutely describe her remarkable dance class in Oakville that careses, using a new blog. If ever you're shopping for a dance instructor in the whole Ontario region, they truly really are awesome.

Ultimately, I absolutely have to tell you the outline for this little blog had been presented via Marty with Titan Transline. They are an ideal trucking companys. We certainly admire a useful suggestion!

Sources For This Article - You come through each and every time 🙂 You are awesome! Hey there everyone, check these people out!

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