Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

When you a beginner in learning how to play the guitar, it can be hard to differentiate each type of guitar visible in your sight and it is well advised to first get yourself the best acoustic guitar in the market to ease your learning journey. This choice is highly advised because with acoustic guitars you will not have to buy any additional items for the guitar such as the amp and the cable for amplifying the sound of the guitar. The best acoustic guitars to purchase include:

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1. Bristol by Blueridge BD-16

It is a great guitar for beginners and it is not very well known by guitar manufacturers. It is shaped in a dreadnought design that is very unique that makes it look very classy. It is made with a mahogany neck with frets and mahogany is also used in the back and sides of the guitar. This gives the guitar a very classy look that will definitely enhance your interest towards learning how to play the guitar. The Bristol guitar is not made with any electronics and is as manual as possible thus not requiring any additional equipment needed for the use of the guitar. Making it very easy to operate and it is also equipped with ratio- tuning pegs that are best used when changing the notes of the sounds. For beginners who have managed to equip themselves with this guitar the rates are at the highest level of five out of five. With this review you can be sure that you will be equipping yourself with the highest quality guitar.

2. The Alvarez AP70

The Alvarez AP70 is among the best acoustic guitar that has a parlor shape design and has no electronics and thus does not need to be purchased with other electronic equipments in order to be used effectively. It is designed with a spruce top and is made with the rosewood wooden material at the sides and back. The rosewood is one that gives a very firm yet classy style to the guitar. It is also equipped with a nineteen fret mahogany neck with gear tuners that are open. It has been also been highly rated by the new guitar users to be four out of five as it is admirable with natural looks.

3. Taylor Guitars baby Taylor

The Taylor guitars are one of the most well known guitars with a rating of four point five out five points by the actual users of the guitar. It is three quarter shaped in the dreadnought design which gives it a very unique outlook. It is made with a mahogany wood at the neck which is twenty fret and it has sapele sides and back that makes it very firm to handle. The graptech tusq saddle and nut are also equipped into the guitar giving it a natural color and very affable look. The best part of acquiring the Taylor guitar is that it is perfect for both adults and children as it is perfect for both small and big hands.

4. The Washburn WD25S

The Washburn WD25S is one of the best acoustic guitars you can acquire as it is rated at five out of five points by the users especially on the Amazon ratings. It also has a dreadnought classic shape that offers an easy step towards how to hold it when using it. It is made with a top that is made from the sitka spruce model giving it a brighter shade. The back and sides of the guitar is made with rosewood. The neck is made out of mahogany and is equipped with twenty frets. It is one guitar that is well known to have a very natural look and it is also does not use any electronics making it very affordable for you to use.

5. Cordoba C5

This guitar is the overall best acoustic guitar to equip yourself with. It is made as a nylon stringed guitar that is best suited for classical, folk and flamenco music players. This is a very classical guitar as it is shaped with a parlor design that is very classy and unique. At the top the surface is made with cedar and the back and sides are made with mahogany wood. The neck which has twenty frets is also made with mahogany and also has a bone nut. This guitar does not have any electronics equipped onto it making a very natural guitar to use.

Each of the best acoustic guitars mentioned above are great to purchase for guitar starters as they are all very firm and are very durable.

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