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If you have already got a new television in your longue, it is time you think about upgrading the other TV sets in your home. A 22 TV is great for watching TV in your bed and thisLG 22LE3300 LED TVis fabulous offering you HD ready 720p picture quality. When we decided to review a small size TV, we did a plenty of research of 22 TVs and ultimately selected this one, in spite of being a little wary at the total lack of expert reviews and customer opinions on it yet, so here is at least one for you that we believe will help you in knowing more about it's performance, technical specifications and things like dimension, connectivity, etc.

Design features:

TheLG 22LE3300 HD Ready LED Televisionis a slim design that looks really good as well as having a superb picture. Built with a great contrast, you will simply enjoy watching films on this slim LG TV having lights around the TVs edge. The LG 22LE3300 could be wall mounted to make it easy to fit into any room. In terms of quality, the panel seems to be well built with the only minor complaint being with it's front bezel. The bezel has a high-glossy plastic finish. It does not look that good out of the box, but does also show every bit of fingerprint. We are however not too keen on the glossy finish either as it tends to reflect light a bit too much. LG though has included a little cloth with which you can polish the telly, should the smears turn out to be off-putting. A HD Ready TV, the LG 22LE3300 makes you feel and experience a range of HD content with enhanced colours comprising crisper, sharper, more detailed images at a higher resolution of 1366768 pixels.From Blu-ray to games, the HD content looks simply superb on the 22LE3300. Another advantage of the LED Technology is the super-slim cabinet depth. At just about 34.4mm, it is half the depth of most LCD TV rivals. Overall, the LG 22LE3300 gives an impression of very clean lines having a thin unit with a thin bezel.

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The icing on the cake perhaps is that the power consumption is roughly about 41 watts which is considerably low under any standards. Now that is about 50% less than a regular light bulb, which is enough to make a significant difference to your energy bill over a year or so.

LED backlighting:

The major selling point of LEG 22LE3300 22-inch LED TV is it's LED backlighting, which obviously gives it a much blacker black and whiter white than the standard or conventional CCFL backlit alternatives and gives a nice, slim panel that is just an inch thick. Any thinner and a Scart plug will have no trouble popping through the front. We found the picture quality to be excellent and that is miles ahead of it's competition. Having a great contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, brightness and colour definition, the 22 LED TV is about 20 times better than most of it's rivals and comes with the detail and realism to show for it. So what is the result? Images when combined with High definition are so realistic that you can just feel like as if you we're reaching into the picture. Add to the unique contrast ratio, a response time as little as 3m/s that is ideal for gamers. And at this size, the LG 22LE3300 can well go on to replace your monitor altogether. A PS 2 via the SCART lead looks completely fine if you simply turn the sharpness up, though it still did not look as great as a CRT. A playstation in HD also looks nice and seems pretty responsive, but the default Game Mode colours look slightly pale and washed out. But thankfully, you can turn them up and the TV is built with various different set up modes and this means you can turn colours up for Game Mode, however leave it lower to watch normal TV without the need to change it every time you switch input modes.

LG's popular Engine wraps up a technology package that offers this compact television a much better picture quality than you would imagine for one that is incredibly small. Not to mention that the viewing angles are really good, both vertical as well as horizontal. The contrast and brightness do seem to fade slightly when viewing from an angle; nevertheless they are nothing close in comparison to the cheap TN panels. We also like the power saving features as you can flick between various power modes which turns the contrast and brightness right down at varying levels just at the press of a button.


Sound quality:

The sound quality can often be an Achilles heel in slim panels and small screen, but somehow the manufacturer has managed to offer this particularly svelte unit in some decent aural characteristics. The volume for sure goes loud enough to drive your adjoining neighbours mad. Thanks to a pair of invisible, quality 20W speakers (10W + 10W power output). The sound quality may not provide a proper Hi-Fi anything to worry about, but is definitely pleasant to listen to. Another impressive feature is that the voices sound pretty natural and there is none of the tininess normally associated with TVs of this screen size. We found the sound as striking as the 22LE3300. Besides, this22LE3300 22-inch HD Ready LED TVcomes with Clear Voice II technology and LG's Infinite Sound to make sure you always hear the dialogue. The Clear Voice could amplify the frequency range of the human voice so as to make sure that dialogue is audible and clear especially when background noise is loud. Said that, the sound will never be brilliant and will never come close to Sony BDV-E300 (just as a point of comparison), but we felt it is more than adequate. Treble and Bass are not overpowering and the Bass in particular is lacking any oomph even at 100%. Said this, we did not feel the difference even when the bass was on the default 50%. However they are good enough to add some element of involvement to the programme that is being displayed. No separate speakers can be added to the LG 22LE3300 (too many cables) and we are really happy with the quality. For a small and very thin TV, the LGs built-in-sound may come as a big surprise to you.

Menus and interface:

We we're impressed with how smart the menus and interface are. The LG 22LE3300 is a recently released product and we think it is reflected in the software design. It is much like the 7/OSX in it's appearance, very simple and easy on the eye and intuitive when it comes to navigation. The buttons on the television itself are fully touch sensitive and those that you can find on the tactile feeling remote are pleasant and clear to use. The layout is also very logically laid-out. We also found that the Freeview tuner is superb that helps pick up all channels and you will have no trouble flicking between them. The increase of picture quality was an order of magnitude higher. Wimbledon was on BBC2 when we connected and more impressive is the tracking of the main object. There was no blurring, slowdown, etc. Football (poor Honduras) was also nicely displayed and tracking again was quite superb. There is a gamut of options if you have to configure the picture, but the out of the box settings are also simply good with fabulous skin tones and no over bright colours, etc. The on-screen programme is first-class, comfortable and easily as clear as that of a Sky digibox and the IMO is great to view. Though the menu system is nicely presented and simple, it would have been nice if on the Electronic Programme Guide, you are able to view a list of all the programmes on single channel as well as simply having a big grid of different channels. Also, when we tried cycling through channels to watch the programme information, it does not automatically pop up to show what is on. For this you have to simply press another button. Other than this, the basic TV settings are simple to navigate to and adjust.

Connectivity & Slots:

One feature where the LG 22LE3300 TV punches above it's weight is apparently it's connectivity. You can find Twin HDMI sockets that will allow you plug in two digital sources including a HDTV box and Blu-ray. Added to this, there is a separate PC input, component, SCART and a useful digital optical audio output. Another particular feature of interest that we do not seem to find on many TVs, if any, of the 22 competition is the USB connectivity of 22LE3300. This will allow you to play pictures, films, music or show off your holiday snaps from a digital camera, MP 3 player or flash memory by plugging them directly into the TVs side mounted USB slot. This you can find in a recess about 2 back from the edge, therefore the memory stick will not distract by jutting out beyond the frame of the TV. We tried the USB input with a USB hard disk and we're really surprised that it would play most video clips and display the photos on it. The good thing here is that it played clips one after another, no matter the repeat option was on or off, so we are unsure what the repeat option is supposed to do. The LG 22LE3300 can automatically load a file browser or folder/file structure on the memory stick and playback is childs play. As yet we have tested it only with an xvid AVI file, but it worked incredibly well. It also had no trouble displaying the JPEG images. There is only one small flaw and that is when playing xvid/divx via the USB port, we found that the sound gets out of sync after sometime. You can fix this up of course by going back and then forward yet again, but this seems to be a bit annoying and later we we're told by LG it was because of file we we're supposedly playing.

Easy to set up:

TheLG 22LE3300 LED LCD TVlooks like a nice quality piece of kit and easy to set up. It took only about 10 minutes to get it all out of the box and screw the stand on. The only problem was that the screws supplied we're rather too long for the thickness of the wall bracket. There is a manual on CD, but we did not really need it and it was very intuitive too.

Intelligent Sensor:

LG's Intelligent Sensor is available in this model and this is a unique technology that could analyse the ambient light in a room making use of a 4,096-step algorithm and then suitably adjust the TVs settings for optimal picture quality. You can see that in this process, not only does it change the setting like the colour saturation, but can also change the intensity of the TVs backlight enhancing the picture considerably, thereby saving power.

Manufacturer warranty:

The LG 22LE3300 TV is covered under a manufacturer warranty of 1 year from the original date of purchase.


Let us have a quick run-through of some of the pros and cons of the LG 22LE3300.


  • Extremely thin screen/light weight
  • Sleek, attractive design
  • Reasonable price
  • Good audio (not tinny at all)
  • Excellent connectivity (used PS2 & HD through USB and no problem watching movies through USB)
  • Easy set up
  • Touch buttons on TV
  • Intuitive menus


Not incredible picture quality, but you can fiddle with the settings and make it a bit better, but we suppose you get what you pay for!

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