The importance of choosing High CRI lighting when installing new LEDs

Jul 15, 2020 | 0 comments

What is a CRI scale?

The colour rendering index scale (CRI) is a measurement used by the electrical industry since its invention in 1974. The measurement detects how natural a light source is. CRI is a separate measurement to a bulbs colour temperature.

Most of the time, we want to look at objects in their most accurate form, in their natural light. Knowing what CRI to use can help you detect the quality of light, and depending on its brightness, it may match closer to artificial light or a natural source such as the sun.

You might be wondering how CRI is calculated? Well, it is tested by special machinery. The machinery causes the spectrum of a bulb to be analyzed against eight colours, all provided with a number and the letter R. Ultimately, the spectrum of light is matched against eight colours. Depending on how well it matches, it’s given a rating of 1-100.

If you want to purchase a pot light with an excellent CRI, it’s recommended the higher, the better. If you get a light, with a CRI with a range of 0-55, it’s classed as weak, giving an off-type warm white. Likewise, if you want a mid range form of light, 60-80 is often deemed as reasonable. Whereas, 90+ is excellent.

Benefits of having a high CRI in pot lights

If you have pot lights in your home, you must use ones where the CRI is 90 or higher, as they provide you with the following benefits:

  • Accurately see your natural skin colour: If you’re at home and are feeling unwell, high CRI’s can help you detect a change in your skin tone. As they accurately represent natural light.
  • Reduced chance of eye strain or headaches: Potlights with high CRI flicker less, which stops you from straining your eye or getting headaches.
  • Less blue light emitted: Having a high CRI can reduce the amount of blue emitted which in return causes less distribution to your sleep cycle.

Issues of low CRI in pot lights

It’s not recommended you use pot lights with a CRI lower than 90, because:

  • Headaches and eye strain: Low CRI in potlights has been shown to cause headaches and eye strain. As the objects look unnatural to the eye, it causes more effort for the colour of it to be interpreted causing a great strain on the brain.
  • Drowsiness and lack of focus: Low CRI often make a room look dimly lit. As a result, can make you drowsy and lose focus when doing household chores.
  • Difficult to detect skin colour: If you’re feeling unwell. The low-quality light will make it challenging to detect a change in skin colour.

Effects of blue light exposure with pot lights

Yes, the higher the CRI is, the better. However, you must know when purchasing a pot light of one with 90+; there are risks of you being exposed to blue light. This is a type of visible light with high energy, seen by our eyes. Likewise, if you spend too much time under blue light, it’s been caused to effect:

  • Circadian rhythm: Your retina cells are sensitive to blue light and can detect specific wavelengths. As a result, the blue light can transmit signals to our Pineal gland to release more melatonin. This can disturb your circadian rhythm, affecting your sleep cycle.
  • Cognitive function: It’s been said if you lack sleep, it can damage your cognitive function. Likewise, if your rhythms are interrupted, it can put you at risk of insomnia, leading to breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and depression.
  • Eye Damage: You can damage your retina, but long-term exposure can lead to macular degeneration and often cataracts. Also, exposure can leave you at risk of straining your eyes.

To minimize your risk of blue light exposure, you can purchase LEDs like OVID. This company strives to manufacture effectively with a high CRI and uses materials to protect from blue light.

Another way to reduce your risk is if you eat a healthy diet full of leafy green vegetables and colourful fruit. These type of foods are full of minerals which protect the eye. Moreover, blue light glasses can reduce eye strain and filter blue light away.

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