Replacing Existing and Installing New Under Counter Lighting

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under counter lighting

Does your home have under counter lighting? What kind of bulbs does it use, and have you ever wondered which ones are the best?

What is under counter lighting and why should I get it?

Under counter lighting brightens up spaces by providing light from the bottom surface of cabinets, where fixtures or strips are installed underneath. Many consider it to be a necessary addition to the modern home, as it maximizes ease of living.

In kitchens, it can allow you to see better while preparing food, and provides softer lighting in the evenings when paired with a dimmer. Meanwhile, an improvement in lighting for businesses can create a better environment for customers to enjoy. Under counter lighting allows customers to experience a sense of comfort and atmosphere, something that is especially important for places like bars or cafés, which rely on ambience.

Bright under counter lighting can also be useful for accenting or highlighting certain parts of a room, which is ideal for creating a more dimensional sense of place.

What kind of under counter lighting should I use?

If you already have under counter lighting, consider what kind of bulbs they use. Are they fluorescent bulbs? Halogen, or xeon bulbs? Switching to LED bulbs for under cabinet lighting can present many benefits. Especially for kitchens (whether that is in the home or in a restaurant), using brighter LEDs for task lighting can allow food items such as fruit and meat to appear more crisp and true to colour.

LED lights last for a long time, reducing the amount of times you need to change them. This saves you the hassle and money in the long-run, as some light bulbs (such xeon bulbs) are particularly difficult to find and expensive to replace. Fluorescent lights also tend to flicker and make noise, using a lot of energy to keep them powered.

When compared to incandescent lights, LED lights also tend to be much cooler. Switching to LED lights can prevent the contents of your cabinet from being heated, since halogen and xeon bulbs tend to get hot and lead to damaging the freshness of your food. With LED lights, you can rest assured that your cabinets won’t be scorched and that it will prevent any fire hazard that would have been present before.

How do I get under counter LED lighting installed?

With all of this in mind, you may be wondering how to go about getting under counter lighting installed. It is important to note that it is often recommended to pair under cabinet lighting with a dimmable switch, which allows you to adjust the brightness of the LED lights to make them look more natural and less glaring in the evenings.

Unless a property owner has extensive experience working with electricity and knows what they’re doing, it is highly recommended to hire a licensed electrician, since DIYs can be dangerous. In the event of an accident, there is also no guarantee that an insurance company will cover the damages unless the work was professionally done.

When going through the process of installation with an electrician, consider what colour and brightness levels will needed for the LED light strips. It should be noted that warmer colours are often used to promote feelings of comfort and relaxation, while cooler tones are used to highlight and stimulate productivity. It is best to install lights that are fairly bright, adding in an additional dimmer for more control. The first step of installation involves testing the LEDs for the right colour and brightness.

If previously installed under cabinet lights are being replaced, the electrician will begin by turning off the circuit breaker already connected to them, testing that the electricity is off. They will then proceed to work with the mounting and wiring to remove the older lighting.

For new installations, the electrician may begin by adding a new outlet and power supply to support the addition, ensuring that it is hidden but still accessible in places such as inside or above the cabinets. The next few steps involve measuring and marking the location for the new lights, as well as drilling passageways through the cabinets to allow the proper wiring to pass through. The electrician will then wire, screw in, and connect the new LED lights using the necessary tools.

After plugging in the power supply, the only thing left to do is install the light switch and the dimmer. After that, all you need to do is turn on the lights and enjoy your new under counter lighting!

Are you looking to install under counter lighting? Do you need to replace your existing lights with LED lights?

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