Whole House Surge Protection, Vaughan

Electronics are expensive. Protect yours with whole house surge protection.
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Whole House Surge Protection, Vaughan

Power surges can occur from inside and outside the home. Although surges from the inside are frequent and can cause lasting damage to your appliances and electronic devices, surges coming from the outside (from extreme weather and lightning) can often be larger and more dangerous, and pose a risk to your safety and the integrity of your property. Whole house surge protection is the solution and will provide you with peace of mind.

Around 80% of power surges come from inside the home. These low-level surges are called “switching” surges and are caused by the appliances in your home constantly turning on, drawing large amounts of power each time, and off, resulting in a frequent surge and release. Although the damage is not instant or visible over time, the mounting damage to your sensitive devices can shorten the lifespan of your microwaves, smart appliances, TV, and home theater components.

Point-of-use protection against in-house surges consists of using UL-approved plug-ins to keep wall outlets safe. These plug-ins and power strips provide basic protection for multiple devices, but protect only the devices plugged into it. Ideally, plug-ins would have a clamping value (this is the amount that triggers the diversion of electricity into the ground) of 400 volts or less — the lower the number is, the better the protection it offers. It should also absorb 600 joules or more of energy. If you aren’t sure if a plug-in is effective or offers enough protection, a licensed electrician can help you pick one out, as they know the best products on the market.

Plug-ins, however, will not guard against larger surges and function best as a second layer of protection, which is why multi-level surge protection is key. Surges caused by outside factors requires whole house surge protection at the main electrical panel. When installed by a licensed electrician, whole house surge protection devices guard power lines, phone lines, and cable lines. They should ideally feature internal thermal fuses and lights to indicate power and failure for the maximum amount of protection. With these devices installed, your home will be protected against large and sudden increases or spikes of energy, since these devices are designed to take the excess electricity and send it into the ground.

An investment in whole house surge protection could very well pay for itself with the amount you could save by protecting your home, providing preventative measures from having to constantly replace your expensive electronics. Adequate surge protection is therefore more than simply plugging your devices into a power strip. Whole house surge protection is considered by many to be a necessary addition, especially with the amount of electronic devices in today’s home.

You pay way too much on your mortgage to risk it. Appliances and electronics are expensive, so investing in a whole house surge protector will practically pay for itself as you save money in the long run. To protect your home and your property, have a whole house surge protector installed.

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information, to learn more about essential surge protection, and to inquire about having a whole house surge protector installed in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are other causes of electrical surges and how can I avoid them?

Electrical surges have a number of causes besides weather and the internal use of electronics. This includes blackouts (when the power comes back on, the turning on of multiple devices tends to create a strain on the electrical grid), old or faulty wiring in a home, downed power lines nearby to the house, and etc. Unfortunately, the question is not so much how you can avoid them, but how you can protect yourself against them since they occur quite frequently. Protection against both outer and internal surges is crucial.

How do I know if my power strip has surge protection?

Some surge protectors are unfortunately nothing more than extension cords. Therefore, the packaging of the power strip should indicate whether there is surge protection. A ‘UL’ sign should be somewhere on the packaging or on the product itself, indicating that the product has been qualified as safe and effective by the Underwriters Laboratories. Power strips and plug-ins should also have indicator lights to show that it is working.

After whole house surge protection is installed, a MADE ELECTRIC electrician can make recommendations on the most effective products to keep your devices safe.

How effective is whole house surge protection?

Whole house surge protection should be able to stop at least 40,000 amps of a large surge. That’s typically 85% of the entire surge to keep your home and your devices safe! The excess 15% should be protected by using plug-ins to prevent the surge for reaching your sensitive appliances. Ask a MADE ELECTRIC electrician today to check what needs to be protected in your home.

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