Interior and Exterior Pot Lights, Toronto

Lighting can make a drastic difference in your home in efficiency and appearance. Choose healthy lighting with pot lights today.
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Interior and Exterior Pot Lights, Toronto

Over the years, awareness on the importance of healthy lighting has become more widespread as more Canadians realize the effect that lighting can have on mood and health. Light helps to regulate the body’s internal clock, affecting our sleep-wake cycles, and the type, timing, or brightness of lighting can have an impact on mood. Especially during the cold and snowy Canadian months, the winter blues have a tendency of striking, and more time indoors creates a dependence on lighting coming from within. This is why pot lights are a great option for lighting, as they are incredibly versatile.

Pot lights (often called spotlights or recessed lighting) are light fixtures embedded into the ceiling or walls. Often installed in kitchens and bathrooms, or outside houses along roof soffits, pot lights serve a functional and aesthetic purpose in interior and exterior design. Designed to sit within the surface with their electrical components completely hidden, these lights give spaces a modern and polished look, bringing brightness to the darkest and shadiest of rooms.

You may be surprised at the versatility of pot lights as you consider the various types, sizes, trims, and bulb colours combinations that are possible to best customize a space suited to your needs and tastes. Softer and warmer colour temperatures, for example, can simulate sunlight as it creates a calming atmosphere that promotes feelings of comfort and relaxation. Certain kinds of bulbs can also stimulate melatonin production, which helps with sleep as it cancels out the blue light emitted from electronic devices often used before bed.

Meanwhile, brighter and cooler temperatures are recommended for task lighting to stimulate productivity. For this kind of lighting, a high CRI is recommended as they offer an excellent color rendering index (CRI). CRI measures how well a light source illuminates and reveals colours in their truest form in comparison to natural light, having a significant effect on how spaces, objects, and furniture appear to the human eye.

For lights that illuminate the outside of your property, consider the size and location. It’s important to be able to customize and mix-and-match to get the right kind of lighting for your home. Having a licensed electrician help you through the process of installing pot lights will allow you ease of mind. Whether you’re looking to install them into one room, into all of your rooms, or to the exterior of your property, pot lights are a great option to enhance the lighting experience of your home.

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information, to learn more about interior and exterior pot lights, and to inquire about having pot lights installed in your home! We operate within the GTA to ensure that your home has the best possible lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of having pot lights over regular light fixtures?

Pot lights are energy efficient and tend to last longer than ordinary bulbs. It will likely be a long time before you’ll need to have them changed, saving you money and reducing your electrical load!

How high of a CRI should my lighting have?

80 CRI is the standard for most lamps and tends to reveal more subjective colouring to the eye, especially for reds or browns. It can be ideal for cost and efficiency to reduce electrical pull, and is often recommended for places that people do not spend a lot of time in, such as hallways. A CRI above 90, however, is sometimes necessary for places that require more precise sight, such as kitchens or studios.

Where should I install pot lights in my home?

Pot lights are sometimes used as outdoor lighting, but within the home, it is often installed in living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Under cabinet lighting (or recessed lighting in general) paired with a dimmer switch allows for greater control.

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