Fagor 8-Quart Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker with Steamer Basket

This Fagor stainless steel pressure cooker measures 17 x 11 x 10. The base is stable and wide. That means there is a large area for browning meats before pressure cooking. This 8 qt stainless steel pressure cooker is built to last and that's because of the high-quality materials. Its made of 18/10 stainless steel. This material makes it possible for the cooker to cut the use of energy and time by 70% compared to traditional cooking. The black handle of the lid of this cooker is long and heat-resistant. This handle has a safety lock that ensures it won't slide off unintentionally. There is also an indicator for pressure and there is an automatic setting that allows for the release of pressure.

For additional convenience, this cookware offers a useful basket insert. This basket comes with a handle and legs. If you love steamed vegetables and pasta, you will for sure enjoy this added accessory. The parts are safe for dishwashing, making cleaning a breeze. There is also an instructional manual which is a must read for those new in pressure cooking. Make sure that you consider the dishes presented in the recipe book that is offered free. It has more than 50 recipes. Designed to be used for all types of heat sources, this pressure cooker comes with a very long warranty of 10 years, signifying that it's makers are confident that they have a durable product to offer.

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Reviews are raving about the many benefits that people can expect to get from this pressure cooker.

  • Scorch-free meals The kind of stainless aluminum at the bottom assures homeowners and food businessmen that the meals are going to be scorch-free. You can cook rice pudding, ribs, stews, soups, porcupine meatballs and pot roasts without the nasty taste that's caused by overheating. The foods will taste exactly as they should.
  • Safety This pressure cooker locks easily and tightly. If you will encounter any problem with locking the lid, refer to the manual. It says that that there is a mark on the lid of the pot that should be put in line with the handle before locking. The manual is your very important guide. There is also the instructional DVD that you can watch if you want to see how this thing is properly handled.
  • Fool-proof pressure indicator This pot is highly reliable in terms of indicating the amount of pressure inside when in operation. It doesn't miss in indicating whether the actual pressure is high or low. That isn't complicated for this pressure cooker. The hissing sound from the escaping steam will stop when the needed pressure has already been reached.
  • It maintains pressure well Unlike other pressure cookers, this unit is able to maintain the right pressure even if there's a need to lower the temperature. In other cookers, one must very slowly decrease the temperature, so that the right pressure is maintained. That's the typical experience with cookers that use rockers at the top. Once the temperature is reduced drastically, the rocker stops moving, indicating the need to increase the temperature again. You won't have that problem with this cooker.
  • It has two pressure settings This makes it possible for this pressure cooker to accommodate even delicate food items. You can choose to cook fishes and veggies at low pressure levels.
  • It comes with a steam release valve This should have been mentioned above in the specifications section. But it is better mentioned here to emphasize the amazing benefit that you can get from this valve.

If you have had less-technologically advanced cookers before, you might have encountered problems with depressurizing them. In this pressure cooker, those problems are not going to happen. The steam release valve allows quick venting of the pressure. There's no need to wait for minutes the way you used to and there's no more running to the sink to run tap water over it. This cookware is able to depressurize itself quickly and without the usual hassles.

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