Temporary Power, Vaughan

When completing a construction or renovation project, it is essential to ensure that the job site has access to power.
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Temporary Power, Vaughan

When a construction or renovation project is being completed, it can often affect the workers’ access to electrical power. Having access to electrical supply is incredibly important, as workers need to use electrical tools, equipment and lighting. As such, it is common to install a temporary power supply, which gives construction workers the necessary access to electrical power needed to complete the project.

In order to install a temporary power supply, it is important to ensure that you have obtained the necessary components and equipment. The first piece of equipment needed is a temporary power panel, which can either be metered or unmetered. The only difference between the two is that an unmetered panel does not have a limit on bandwidth, while a metered panel is limited in bandwidth. The second component which is required is a temporary power pole, which is typically placed underground, less than 70 feet away from the job site. The temporary pole can either be connected to a wired supply, or to a gas powered generator.

The setup and total cost of a temporary power supply system is dependent on many factors such as the size and location of the job site, and the type of power poles and panels used. It is always advisable to work with a licensed electrical contractor, who can ensure that all required permits are obtained, and that all electrical work completed is in compliance with the ESA’s standards and regulations. Here at Made Electric, we will guide you through the installation process from planning to implementation, and answer any questions you may have.

If you’re thinking about installing a temporary power supply today, don’t hesitate to contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information! Our team operates within Vaughan and the GTA, and we are committed to helping meet all of your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will my temporary power be supplied by my utility company, or by some fuel source?

Temporary power systems have a lot of different options depending on the configuration of the job site and distance from power access. If the job site is a reasonable distance within power access, you can use a wired setup to connect to a permanent utility source. Otherwise, you will have to use a generator which requires a fuel source.

Is it possible to install an underground temporary power system?

Most temporary power systems in construction sites utilize overhead power solutions, since it is the most cost-efficient solution. However, underground solutions are also available for projects which require temporary power to be routed underground.

Are inspections or permits required for a temporary power system?

According to the ESA, a notification of work must be filed for all electrical work completed in Ontario. Regardless of whether you are using a wired setup or a gas-powered generator, you will need to comply with all regulations and permits required according to the ESA.

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