Solar for Residential, Toronto

As utility prices rise, many homeowners are starting to turn towards renewable energy as a way to reduce their utility costs.
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Solar for Residential, Toronto

As utility prices rise, many homeowners are starting to turn towards renewable energy as a way to reduce their utility costs. In addition to being financially advantageous, renewable energy is also sustainable and better for the environment. Solar power is a renewable energy source which many homeowners choose to install to reduce their carbon footprint, and presents a variety of different benefits to the average consumer.

The biggest benefit that many homeowners experience after installing solar panels in their home is the decreased reliance on the electrical grid. Relying mainly on solar power allows you to capture and store energy during the day, and discharge the stored energy at nighttime when utility prices are typically higher. Being overly reliant on the electrical grid means that utility providers can increase rates arbitrarily anytime they choose, and as such your utility bill can fluctuate wildly based on supply and demand. Being self-sufficient when it comes to energy access allows homeowners to minimize electricity costs and be in control of their expenses.

Another major benefit of installing solar panels in your home is the increase in property value – studies show that solar panels can increase your home value by 3-4%, and can result in thousands of dollars of profit. As an added bonus, homes with solar panels also typically tend to sell faster. Carbon reduction is another obvious benefit of solar panels, as they produce 5-10 times less carbon emissions compared to natural gas or coal.

There are many factors that go into determining the optimal solar power system, such as the layout and size of the home. The cost of installation will be dependent on the size of the solar power system and its capacity – in Ontario, the average cost of installing a solar power system is approximately $2.46 per watt. If you’re thinking about installing solar panels in your home today, don’t hesitate to contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information! Our team operates within the GTA, and we are committed to helping meet all of your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens to the excess solar power produced by my panels?

In Ontario, you can work with your local utility provider to either earn a credit on your electric bill, or sell your excess energy back to the grid for profit. Any credits that you receive on your electric bill can be carried forward and saved for up to one year.

Will my solar panels still work when it snows?

Solar panels need direct access to sunlight to work, so if the panels are covered in snow they will not be able to function properly and produce electricity. The snow is not heavy enough to damage your solar panels, however if the snow accumulates it can be cleaned off the panels easily. In addition, most panels are tilted since they are installed on roofs, so snow accumulation is uncommon and the panels will rarely need to be manually cleaned.

What size solar energy system should I get?

The size of your solar power system will depend on many factors, including but not limited to the size of your home, the weather and climate conditions in your city, and the typical electrical usage in the home. A licensed electrical contractor can help you determine what size solar energy system you should get, and help you figure out the best layout to best suit your home’s needs.

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