Low/High Bay Lighting, Etobicoke

If you're a commercial property owner, you know the importance of good lighting. Proper lighting can improve the overall energy efficiency of the building and save money on electricity costs in the long run.
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Low/High Bay Lighting, Etobicoke

Within commercial spaces like offices, warehouses, and retail establishments, a special kind of LED lighting is required in order to adequately illuminate the whole area. A type of light fixture called LED bay lighting is used to brighten sizeable spaces with high ceilings. Low bay lighting and high bay lighting are the two main types of bay lights.

The height of the ceiling is one key distinction between high and low bay lighting; low bay lighting is often used for ceilings under 20 feet in height and has a lower wattage, whilst high bay lighting is typically used for ceilings beyond 20 feet and has a larger wattage in contrast. Furthermore, compared to low bay lighting, high bay lighting has a smaller beam angle that results in a more concentrated beam. The degree to which the light is dispersed over the area will depend on the beam angle.

Large commercial or industrial spaces can benefit from bright, effective lighting thanks to the design of both low bay and high bay lighting. Both lights usually employ durable and energy-efficient LED technology. Both of them typically need specialized mounting gear to suspend them from the ceiling, such as brackets or chains. Additionally, to vary the light output based on the work or ambient light level, both can be regulated by dimming systems.

If you are the owner of a commercial property, you are aware of the significance of adequate lighting. Having enough illumination can reduce the building’s long-term electricity expenses and increase its overall energy efficiency. A lot of local and federal construction regulations also stipulate specific lighting requirements for commercial structures. Property owners can make sure that these laws are followed by installing appropriate lighting.

If you need to install low/high bay lighting in your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today here at MADE ELECTRIC! Our electricians are skilled and knowledgeable, and we are proud to provide quick and efficient service in Etobicoke and across the GTA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of lighting is best for my commercial property?

The type of lighting that is best for a commercial property will depend on the specific needs of the space. Factors such as ceiling height, the type of activities that take place in the space, and the overall aesthetic of the property should be considered when choosing the right type of lighting. For a detailed assessment of your property and the kind of lighting needed, contact us today!

How much will it cost to install low/high bay lighting?

The cost of installing low/high bay lighting will depend on factors such as the size of the space, the type of fixtures and control systems chosen, and the cost of labor. For an appraisal and quote for the installation cost, give us a call today!

What are the maintenance requirements of low/high bay lighting?

The maintenance requirements of low/high bay lighting will depend on the type of fixtures and control systems chosen. LED lighting typically requires less maintenance than traditional lighting systems. Regular cleaning of the fixtures, replacing the bulbs and checking the control systems are some of the basic maintenance tasks.

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