Smoke Alarm Installation, Vaughan

With smoke alarms being at the forefront of your home’s fire protection system, it’s important to have them properly installed and replaced when required.
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Smoke Alarm Installation, Vaughan

One of the most important purchases for every homeowner is a functional smoke detector. Smoke detectors are capable of alerting individuals to fires in their home, and can save lives by maximizing the amount of time to escape if the house catches on fire. The increased amount of electronic devices and wiring in modern homes increases the risk of fire, which is why smoke alarms are not only required by law, but also integral to the safety of your home.

The Ontario Fire Code mandates that all homes have a working smoke alarm installed on every level of the house and outside all sleeping areas. Smoke detectors are also required in other areas such as the living room, basement and near the stairs. They need to be placed less than 12 inches from the ceiling in order to be able to detect rising smoke, and should not be installed near doors or windows. 

Since smoke alarms are essential to the safety of your home, it is important that they are only installed by a licensed electrical contractor. A licensed electrical contractor can ensure that the smoke alarm is working properly, and meets all the requirements in terms of correct placement and functionality. Here at Made Electric, we can work with you to ensure that the smoke detector is connected and installed properly, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your home is always protected.

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information on smoke alarm installation! We operate within Vaughan and the GTA to ensure that your smoke alarms are installed correctly and replaced when needed to keep you and your property safe from the threat of fires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should be avoided during smoke alarm installation?

For installation, smoke alarms should not be placed near ducts, doors, or windows, since the draft coming in can interfere with whether it is able to properly detect smoke and fire. Once installed, it’s important to also avoid doing anything that may prevent it from working. This can include avoiding painting the smoke alarms or placing decorations or stickers on it.

Where do smoke alarms need to be installed?

For smoke alarms to work as intended, they need to be installed in the correct locations to detect threats. Therefore, they need to be mounted on high walls and ceilings, since smoke from fires rise to high places. For alarms mounted on walls, they should be installed no more that 12 inches away from the ceiling to ensure they are placed high enough. Of course, where smoke alarms need to be installed can be unique depending on the structure of your ceilings and what the layout of your home looks like, which is why it’s best to consult a professional.

When should I replace my smoke alarm?

Generally, smoke alarms should be replaced every 5-10 years. The exact timing depends on the type of smoke alarm and its power source. For example, some smoke alarms come with non-replaceable batteries set to last for 10 years. Once the battery runs out, the entire alarm needs to be replaced. Other alarms (such as those with replaceable batteries) should be renewed every 5 years if necessary.

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