Whole House Surge Protection, the GTA

Electronics are expensive. Protect yours with whole house surge protection.
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Whole House Surge Protection, the GTA

Residents in the GTA in recent years have come to realize that whole house surge protection is a necessary investment to keep their property safe. Power surges can lead to damaged electronics, and in some cases, can result in house fires. Having your home inspected for electrical safety provides peace of mind and is the first step to take, as old or faulty wiring can also lead to power surges. After having your home assessed, having a licensed electrician install whole house surge protection will ensure that your property is guarded against the worst of electrical surges.

The increasing severity of weather in the GTA has appeared yearly through the amount of snowstorms resulting in blackouts and the increased amount of days with lightning. These are the leading external factors for larger power surges, some of which can have disastrous effects without the proper protection. Disruptions within the power system can also occur when there are problems with electrical equipment and repairs need to be conducted, resulting in an extremity of power spikes and drops.

So how exactly can whole house surge protection keep your home and your electronics safe? With a surge protection device installed at your home’s electrical breaker box, there will be a constant monitoring of incoming electrical energy. The moment it detects a higher-than-average amount of voltage, the device will divert the excess into the ground, preventing it from entering into your home’s wiring and circuitry and keeping it from reaching your sensitive electronics.

Whole house surge protection guards against up to 85% of voltage, absorbing a large amount of excess energy. For the remaining 15%, point-of-use protection should be used to guard individual devices and appliances. This can include plug-in power strips with surge protection, and for devices where plug-ins are not an option, a licensed electrician can replace regular outlets with surge protection outlets. The best surge protectors react in less than a nanosecond, and a licensed electrician can help you through the process.

While whole house surge protection, or service entrance protection, is very necessary, point-of-use protection against interior surges should also be used. Plug-ins alone are not enough to guard against more severe surges brought about by lightning or utility changes, so both means of protection are necessary to allow for maximum security and peace of mind.

You pay too much on your mortgage to risk it. Appliances and electronics are expensive, so investing in a whole house surge protector will practically pay for itself as you save money in the long run. To protect your home and your property, have a whole house surge protector installed.

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information, to learn more about essential surge protection, and to inquire about having a whole house surge protector installed in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What causes interior surges and what can I do about them?

Believe it or not, the everyday use of your electronic devices and appliances can cause small, low-power surges. Although the damage it causes is not immediately apparent, the damage builds up over time and can shorten the lifespan of your electronics. These in-house surges are why point-of-use protection is also important in addition to whole house surge protection. After whole house surge protection is installed by a MADE ELECTRIC electrician, you can ask the electrician for recommendations on the most effective plug-ins.

Do power surges come more often from inside or outside the house?

The severity of power surges varies. While interior surges account for nearly 80% of all power surges and can in fact affect your devices, surges coming from exterior sources are likely to do more damage and can result in devastating consequences. Whole house surge protection is therefore necessary to keep your home safe.

What devices of mine would be affected by surges? Which ones cause surges?

Anything that can be plugged into a wall would generally be affected, as well as electronics that are hard-wired directly to a home’s electrical circuits. Since electricity tends to follow the path of least resistance, any excess energy would go through wiring and reach any devices or appliances. This can include refrigerators, microwaves, smart devices, stoves, exterior lighting, etc. The systems that tend to cause surges are central heating and air conditioning, since they require huge amounts of energy every time they start up.

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