Whole House Surge Protection, Scarborough

Electronics are expensive. Protect yours with whole house surge protection.
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Whole House Surge Protection, Scarborough

There are many causes of power surges, and guarding against them to protect your home and your devices is more important today than ever, as the amount of electronics in the modern home has significantly increased. Although surges can be caused by both internal and external factors, having whole house surge protection reduces the amount of risk, and could very well be the difference between a disaster and a diverted crisis.

Power surges can sometimes be caused by random events in which the homeowner has little say in, such as utility companies making changes to the power grid, power being restored all at once after outages such as these, downed power lines from extreme weather or car accidents, and lightning (which can cause instantaneous damage and poses a threat to the electrical components of devices/appliances). Grid disruptions and the power surges that follow are becoming especially frequent as the severity of weather conditions worsens, infrastructure continues to age, and there is a growing population of people reliant on technology, creating strain on the electrical grid that makes it vulnerable to disruptions.

Another major contribution to power surges can be even be the equipment inside your home. The constant switching on and off of your equipment, especially those that use a lot of electricity (including vacuums or compressors — basically anything with a big motor) can create internal surges. One example includes when the A/C is turned on and the lights dim temporarily; this is a sign of an electrical surge. The cycling on and off of these home appliances (which can also include refrigerators, drying machines, and laser printers) causes a high amount of amperage to be drawn each time. This can account for nearly 80% of all power surges.

So how can you protect your home? Having whole house surge protection will keep your home’s wiring safe from large bursts of energy by having a device installed by your breaker panel to absorb excess energy, diverting it instead into the ground. The whole house surge protection device works to constantly monitor the levels of energy coming into your home, essentially tracking incoming electricity before it can enter the household’s wiring and circuits.

For maximum protection, after whole house surge protection is installed by a licensed electrician, plug-in power strips should also be used to guard individual devices. This will guard the devices plugged into the surge protector from the internal surges that occur on a daily basis. Normally, these surge protectors sit there and allow electric current to flow through, but the moment a higher-than-normal voltage is detected, these devices will block the voltage from seeping in and possibly melting the fuses built into your units.

You pay too much on your mortgage to risk it. Appliances and electronics are expensive, so investing in a whole house surge protector will practically pay for itself as you save money in the long run. To protect your home and your property, have a whole house surge protector installed.

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information, to learn more about essential surge protection, and to inquire about having a whole house surge protector installed in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I protect devices when plug-ins are not an option?

For cases in which plug-ins are not a viable option (such as with mounted televisions, when the outlet is blocked by the screen), a licensed electrician can replace the existing outlet with one that contains surge protection. This outlet will have an LED to indicate that it is still working, as well as an alarm that will sound off to let the owner know when it needs to be replaced if they cannot see it.

How can I install a whole house surge protection device?

It is highly recommended to have a licensed electrician install the device, since they have the qualifications and the license to work with the intricate wiring. They are also insured in case of any accidents, since working with electricity can be dangerous and should not be done by the average homeowner. Homeowners can rest assured that MADE ELECTRIC electricians are trained and certified, and are here to help you with all of your electric needs.

What features will my whole house surge protection device have?

Whole house surge protection devices are designed to stop at least 40,000 amps of energy. When a device is installed by a MADE ELECTRIC electrician, the device will have lights or alarms that will indicate when a surge has been stopped. The LED lights are also there to show that the device is still working and when it needs to be replaced. Another notable feature to look for is internal thermal fuses.

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