Service and Panel Upgrade, Scarborough

The electrical service and panels are responsible for ensuring enough electricity reaches all your devices. A panel upgrade will increase the safety of your home.
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Service and Panel Upgrade, Scarborough

A key sign that you are due for an electrical service and panel upgrade is when a house-wide blackout occurs, usually after one too many devices has been plugged in. Even if on observation it seems that no single circuit was overloaded, the system response of shutting down is a sign that too much power has been drawn from the system, and is often an indication of a low capacity service panel.

A demand calculation adhering to the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) is often used to determine the safest minimum service size for your home. Section 8 Circuit Loading and Demand Factors of the CEC is particularly useful for homeowners, explaining that a service size will often be based on the square footage of a living space, as well as heating or air conditioning loads, kitchen appliances, and more. Load calculations can be done by a hired licensed electrician prior to the decision to upgrade to determine whether the demand for your home meets your current panel’s capacity.

The maximum amount that a homeowner can safely use on a regular basis is 80% of the total capacity, with the remaining 20% being used for lighting and appliances. If the demand exceeds 80%, a service or panel upgrade is in order for safety purposes. However, there could also be reasons for installing a larger service size than is required, such as having to meet CEC standards. A minimum service size may also be required by local code, by-law, or insurance company regulations, regardless of the load calculation.

Since this is a very big project to complete in the timespan of one day, it is highly recommended to hire an electrical contractor to guide you through the process. A licensed electrician will be able to note any other building code upgrades that may be required (such as those involving smoke detectors or plugs) and can walk you through the additional upgrades before working on your panel.

If your home has not had a service and panel upgrade in the past 25-40 years, it’s worth looking into, as an outdated electrical panel is a dangerous one, putting your home at risk for electrical fires. The modern demand of electronic devices has created the need for a much higher capacity more than ever before. Don’t take the risk — upgrade your electrical service and panel today!

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information, to learn more about service and panel upgrades, and to inquire about having a service and panel upgrade installed in your home! We operate within the GTA to ensure that your home and your electronics are safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will factor into the cost of upgrading my electrical service and panel?

The total cost of upgrading can depend on your current service size and panel and what you will be upgrading to, as well as the age of your home and what additional upgrades could be required, but price overall is negligible in the grand scheme of protecting your home. Regardless, it can vary from city to city, and depends on whether your service is above or below ground. The total cost will also factor in the additional charges from utility companies. A MADE ELECTRIC licensed electrician will be able to provide you with an estimate.

I was told to book a disconnect for the upgrade. How do I do that?

Booking a disconnection has been detailed here for your convenience. Your hydro provider will vary depending on your location. For any further questions, MADE ELECTRIC is happy to help.

What additional upgrades will there be with my panel?

This depends on the state of your home, but in the process of upgrading, there may be a decision made to renew the grounding and bonding. They may also add bonding jumpers to ensure that your system is running as efficiently as it can.

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