Replace Old, Unsafe Wiring, Oakville

Older homes typically use the “knob and tube” wiring method or aluminum wiring, which are outdated and can be unsafe. We can assess your home for safety and replace old wiring with safer systems.
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Replace Old, Unsafe Wiring, Oakville

Homes with outdated wiring are at a greater risk for fires. Ontario’s public safety lists that on average, hundreds of house fires per year are caused by electrical distribution equipment, including faulty wiring and outlets. At its worst, these fires can cause significant residential structural loss and more often than not could have been prevented by making electrical upgrades. Don’t become another statistic and replace your home’s old, unsafe wiring.

If since acquiring your home, you are unsure what kind of wiring it currently has, it may be time for an inspection. It’s not uncommon for knob and tube wiring (the oldest kind of wiring still present in older houses) to have been hidden behind the walls by previous owners in attempt to acquire insurance or sell their homes for a higher price. Now considered a major safety hazard, knob and tube is usually found in basements or attics and can be more visibly seen left suspended in air as black tubes running through white porcelain knobs.

The only way to confirm for sure that knob and tube wiring has been concealed is to have an electrician drill a hole and send a camera through the walls to check. At that point, a decision can be made whether it’s time to tear down the walls.

Unsafe wiring can also include work done by unlicensed individuals. Since wiring is often thought of as a simple and accessible system, homeowners may be tempted to alter wiring themselves — however, this can be risky, as it increases the chances of improper connections being done, which greatly compromises safety.

Relying on the expertise of a professional means guaranteeing the safety of you and your property. Working with a licensed electrical contractor to replace your wiring will also save you unnecessary expense in the long run, as fixing faulty wiring can end up costing more.

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information on replacing old, unsafe wiring! We operate within the GTA to assess the safety of your home and ensure that it’s operating with the safest possible wiring system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the safest and most efficient type of wiring?

As of 2021, copper wiring is considered by electrical experts to be the most stable and reliable form of wiring, known for its excellent conductivity and its high tensile strength. Re-wiring is often done with copper as a replacement for aluminum, with new homes being built with this material as well. It is currently also the most cost effective, being able to transmit high electrical loads to reduce expenses.

What is the average cost of re-wiring a home?

This can depend on several factors, such as the size of home, which can affect the length of wiring and the amount of materials needed, and the age of the home and the time of the last upgrade if any (determining how much work will have to be done). The cost of opening up the walls itself can cost several thousand dollars, which is why the process of re-wiring is usually paired with other renovations that require the walls to be down for convenience purposes. For more urgent circumstances, however, the benefits outweigh the cost.

Labour costs can vary depending on the amount of time that will be spent on it. Having a professional do the work will ensure quality workmanship. The total cost of completely re-wiring the home can be up to $10,000 to $12,000, which is a small price to pay to ensure the safety of your entire property.

What are the benefits of re-wiring my home?

Besides the very important benefit of safety, having your wiring up-to-date can also increase the re-sale value of your home, which can be a long-term benefit, especially if you have the documentation to back this up. Electrical renovations otherwise can allow you to live more comfortably, enhancing your lifestyle as you go worry-free without the hassle and the danger of going overcapacity. With how much the modern home relies on the smooth functioning of an electrical system for everyday appliances, connections to the internet, and the more, your electrical needs should come first.

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