Solar Vehicle Charger, North York

For homeowners looking for sustainable ways to fuel their vehicles and reduce their overall carbon footprint, having a solar vehicle charger installed not only reduces your environmental impact, but makes economic sense.
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Solar Vehicle Charger, North York

For many homeowners, owning an electric vehicle has many benefits — not only is it good for the environment, but it can save you money on gas. Over time, however, you may notice a significant increase in your household electric bill. Those looking to offset this increase often turn to solar power. A solar vehicle charger provides a sustainable and reliable source of energy so you can charge without worrying about your hydro bill.

With governments all around the world looking to phase out gasoline vehicles, consumers are encouraged more than ever to go electric. It’s expected that within the next 10 years, a large percentage of vehicles on the road will be electric. This also means that residential charging systems will see an increase in demand. Getting ahead of the curve means investing in a solar energy system now for significant savings later. Especially with the cost of solar coming down, it’s never been a better time to consider having a solar vehicle charger installed.

The amount of power required to efficiently charge an electric vehicle tends to vary depending on the type and model of the vehicle, how frequently the homeowner drives, and the battery system that is incorporated into the solar panel system. Depending on how much power is required, a home may require more or less solar panels and equipment. A large impact factor, for example, is if a homeowner lives in a denser urban area. These tend to have shorter daily commutes, making it so less solar panels will be required compared to areas with longer travel distances. Based on these factors, a licensed electrician will be able to make an accurate calculation for the number of solar panels required for your home.

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information on solar vehicle chargers! We operate within the GTA and North York, and would be happy to help you through the process of transitioning to solar power. Whether you’re looking to have solar panels installed for your home, need help in picking out the perfect solar vehicle charger, or have questions about connecting your solar panels to your current charging station, we are here to answer your call.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much will a solar vehicle charger cost?

This largely depends on how much power is required (and therefore how many solar panels need to be installed). An electric vehicle charging station can typically be as low as $600, with more high-end models costing a few thousand. For the solar panels themselves, it tends to hover around $3 per watt, or $3,000 for a 1 kW system. Including installation costs, the investment typically totals up to around $10,000. Many homeowners find that the savings afforded as a result of regularly using a solar vehicle charger practically pays off the cost of installation and equipment. Especially with gas prices rising year after year, you can expect to save thousands by going electric.

How often do solar panels need to be replaced?

Solar panels typically last for 25-30 years even with constant use, meaning you will be able to charge your vehicle for decades before having to worry about replacements, which is why it is often considered a worthy investment by many homeowners.

How reliable is a solar vehicle charger? Will it work on cloudy days?

Solar panels are considered reliable because of the battery system incorporated within it, which allows it to store energy that is obtained from the sun. This makes it so the panels absorb sunlight whenever possible (while the sun is out) for later use. That energy can be accessed whenever the homeowner needs it, including during times when the sun is no longer visible. This is especially convenient for electric vehicle charging, since most homeowners often leave their cars charging overnight.

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