Smoke Alarm Installation, North York

With smoke alarms being at the forefront of your home’s fire protection system, it’s important to have them properly installed and replaced when required.
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Smoke Alarm Installation, North York

Smoke alarms are the most important pieces of equipment involved in keeping your home safe. Since they only function properly when installed correctly, smoke alarm installation is important for ensuring that you and your property will be protected. Improper connections run the risk of shock, causing potential damage to not only the unit itself, but likely to your home as well. To be able to detect threats, alarms should be installed in the correct places, at the correct heights, and in the correct positions. Having a licensed electrician do the job can simplify what would otherwise be a large project.

A licensed electrician will know, for example, that when it comes to smoke alarm installation, you should avoid placing them near windows, doors, or ducts, since the draft coming in can interfere with their ability to detect smoke. When it comes to smoke alarms, you should also avoid placing any decorations near them, or putting anything on the unit itself that could keep them from working (such as paint or stickers). Statistics show that 14% of all serious house fires from 2010 to 2019 were caused by problems related to smoke alarms that hindered their proper functioning, which included improper installations.

When shopping for smoke alarms, there are many factors to take into consideration. A licensed electrician will be familiar with the best detectors on the market, and will be able to help you find a smoke detector best suited to your needs. Generally, smoke detectors are divided into two types: ionization smoke alarms and photoelectric smoke alarms. Ionization technology makes detectors more responsive to flaming fires, while photoelectric technology is more responsive to smoldering fires. Homeowners will need smoke detectors that can utilize both technologies, which is why combination ionization-photoelectric alarms (or dual sensor smoke alarms as they are called) are usually recommended.

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information on smoke alarm installation! We operate within the GTA and North York to ensure that your smoke alarms are installed correctly and replaced when needed to keep you and your property safe from the threat of fires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do smoke alarms need to be installed?

Location requirements for smoke alarm installation can vary from area to area, but regulations often require smoke alarms to be installed outside sleeping areas and inside each bedroom. At least one smoke detector should be on every floor of the home, including finished attics and basements. For floors without bedrooms, alarms should instead be placed inside other rooms on that level, such as living rooms, family rooms, dens, etc., as well as near stairways leading up. For kitchens, the smoke alarm should be installed at least 3 meters away from cooking appliances to minimize the chances of a false alarm caused by everyday cooking. With such specific location requirements, it’s best to have a professional help out with planning and execution.

What are some features that can improve my smoke alarms?

Some smoke alarms have the option to interconnect all units in the home. Designed to provide better protection, this is a feature that will program all alarms to sound off when one goes off, and can be done through hard-wiring or through wireless technology.

There is also the option of having smart smoke detectors. Although they can be pricier, they are convenient and allow the homeowner more control. Through an external app, homeowners will be able to manually control their alarms through their smartphones, allowing them to receive alerts when a unit’s battery is running low, as well as providing the option of silencing an alarm.

How do I know if my smoke alarm is still working properly?

Smoke alarms can be tested (and usually should be tested at least once a month for maintenance) by pressing the ‘test’ button on the unit. This will let the homeowner know that there is still battery, and that the alarm sound is functioning as it should.

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