Replace Old, Unsafe Wiring, North York

Older homes typically use the “knob and tube” wiring method or aluminum wiring, which are outdated and can be unsafe. We can assess your home for safety and replace old wiring with safer systems.
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Replace Old, Unsafe Wiring, North York

The older a home is, the more likely it is to have old, unsafe wiring that needs replacing. If your home has not been renovated since acquisition (or for over 20-40 years), it may be time to have it inspected. Outdated wiring systems are more likely to cause problems and can be a safety hazard, with hundreds of fires per year caused by insufficient electrical distribution equipment (including faulty/old wiring or outlets). As one of the top causes of residential structural loss, it’s better sooner than later to replace your old, unsafe wiring.

There are many reasons why outdated wiring is insufficient by modern standards (including how quickly technologies are advancing), but another consideration to make is the fact that safety regulations for electrical equipment and systems are still quite modern. Houses that were wired decades ago were likely done so before the establishment of Canadian Advisory Council on Electrical Safety in 1989 and the formation of the Electrical Safety Authority in 1999. This points to the obsoletion of older systems, where what was once considered safe may now be deemed a fire hazard. This is especially true for systems like knob and tube wiring.

Unsafe wiring can also include work that was done by unlicensed electricians. During past renovations, homeowners may have been tempted to save money by having someone without the proper certifications to do the work. However, this can end up causing damage to your home in the long run, as faulty wiring (through loose or improper connections) can easily spark house fires. Wiring is often thought of as a simple, accessible system, but can in reality be a rather large project that requires specialized knowledge to properly finish. A licensed electrical contractor will be able to fix any past projects.

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information on replacing old, unsafe wiring! We operate within the GTA to assess the safety of your home and ensure that it’s operating with the safest possible wiring system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is knob and tube wiring no longer considered safe?

Wiring connections today are required for safety reasons to be enclosed in electrical junction boxes, but knob and tube wiring was often left suspended in the air. For homes that no longer actively use knob and tube wiring systems, it’s not uncommon for remnants to be hidden behind the walls of homes. Since knob and tube wiring is insulated with a rubberized cloth and lacks grounding, it’s considered today to be a safety hazard. The fact that it has less distribution circuits makes it prone to overheating, presenting a fire hazard.

What are the benefits of hiring a licensed electrician for replacing old, unsafe wiring?

Since wiring can be a rather large and complicated job, hiring a professional can save you unnecessary expense, reducing the likelihood of mistakes needing to be fixed, as well as saving you the trouble in project management. Professionals will have the specialized knowledge required to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. A licensed electrician, for example, will know to colour code and label wiring accordingly.

What is the best kind of replacement wiring for my home?

Replacements in wiring are often done with copper wiring being installed since it is currently the most stable, reliable, and cost-efficient. Since copper allows for smaller conductors to be used to transmit power loads, it can reduce overall wiring expenses. Compared to aluminum, copper also has higher tensile strength, allowing it to handle higher loads of electrical with minimal wear and tear.

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