New Home Construction and Home Renovation Wiring, North York

Planning a renovation or the construction of a new home? For electrical projects or services, all wiring and re-wiring should meet electrical code requirements.
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New Home Construction and Home Renovation Wiring, North York

If your home is being built or you plan on doing renovations, consider also upgrading your wiring before the walls go up. Pre-wiring or renovation wiring is a great way to plan for the future. With how quickly technology is progressing, the electrical demand of the modern home has increased exponentially over the past decade. Keeping up with these changes will require upgrading your wiring. If your home is showing signs of outdated wiring (such as flickering lights or sparking/scorching outlets), it may be time for an upgrade. Since working with wiring can be dangerous, it’s recommended to hire a professional licensed electrical contractor. The Canadian Home Builders’ Association states that building codes are updated regularly, which licensed electricians are trained to keep up with.

Whether it’s new home construction or renovations for a basement remodeling, a bathroom or a kitchen, or a room addition, it’s important to ensure that your wiring system is flexible so it can easily adapt to technological advancements. Hiring a licensed electrical contractor will make this a reality as they offer expert advice, anticipating the various factors required during the process. Planning ahead of time can also save you money on labour and resources, as it’s better to go through the process once to get the job done than to separate renovations and wiring into two occasions.

Placing importance on wiring during construction or renovation will boost the value of your home. Some considerations to make include how advanced you want your home entertainment centre to be, whether you want built-in audio systems, having wired security and monitoring systems (which tends to be more affordable than wireless), and thinking about whether you would like an electric thermostat or whether one day you’d like to upgrade to smart climate control systems (which also saves energy). There is also the option of having automated blinds or window coverings. With telecommunications being at the forefront of modern communication, TV, internet, and networking wiring is also important to consider. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know whether my wiring needs to be upgraded?

Wiring concerns can manifest in flickering lights, constantly tripping breakers, and sparking or scorched outlets. It’s imperative to address this as soon as possible as it poses a serious fire hazard. If you home still has knob and tube wiring or aluminum wiring, this is a sure sign that it’s time for an upgrade. Knob and tube wiring has been deemed dangerous, and while there is nothing necessarily wrong with aluminum wiring, the ESA recommends maintenance inspections every 3-5 years for houses that still have aluminum wiring. Getting an upgrade will reduce this need, saving you the hassle and the money in the long-run.

Do I need to upgrade wiring for new lighting?

Having energy efficient lighting installed can save you money. This can include pot lights (also called recessed lighting), which will require working with wiring during installation. It’s recommended during the process to also upgrade your wiring, as modern wiring will allow modern lighting to run safely and efficiently.

How do I begin with adding more outlets?

Before having more outlets added, a licensed electrician should first determine that your home has enough capacity. During renovations is a great time to have additional outlets installed, since you can also bundle that with a possible service/panel upgrade if needed. A licensed electrician can also install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI), which is vital for rooms where appliances are used near water, such as the bathroom or in kitchens.

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