24 Hour Emergency Service, North York

Whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, with 24 hour emergency service, our team is ready to assist when you are in need of immediate help.
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24 Hour Emergency Service, North York

Emergencies happen, and sometimes, the electrical issues that you’re having may not be safe enough for you to take on by yourself. Whether the power has gone out, a fuse has been blown, or you’re having weather-related electrical problems, 24 hour emergency service ensures that you will be able to receive aid no matter the time of day.

If you are experiencing any of the following electrical emergencies, it may be time to contact a 24 hour emergency electrician:
– Power loss
– Intermittent/partial power
– Short circuiting
– Blown fuses or breakings constantly tripping
– Electrical equipment malfunctions
– Issues with wiring
– Any other continuous power or electrical issues

Generally, if an electrical problem is continuous, cannot be resolved without the expertise of an electrician, and needs to be attended to within the same day, you can depend on 24 hour emergency service to get the help you need. Electrical equipment malfunctions can include issues with your electrical panel or distribution equipment (including wiring and outlets), problems with your electric air conditioning or heating units, difficulties with smoke detectors, or if you are having recurring issues with specific lighting fixtures or appliances.

When contacting for a 24 hour emergency electrician, you can expect your request to be handled promptly and professionally as our emergency electricians work you through the necessary precautions to take. Upon arrival, our dispatched electrician or team of electricians (depending on the severity of the issue) will perform an electrical assessment, correcting any electrical hazards and offering solutions needed.

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information on 24 hour emergency service! We operate within the GTA and North York and are available to take your call to address any immediate electrical needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some signs that I may be having an electrical emergency?

One key sign that you’re having an electrical emergency is seeing sparks fly from outlets when plugging in any device or appliance. Outlets that are scorching or have smoke coming from them, too, are a major sign that you may be going over capacity, or that there’s something wrong with your electrical wiring. This can lead to the very dangerous possibility that there is a pending electrical fire. Another thing to take note of is if you detect any burning smells that resemble smoldering plastic. The smell of burning wires is often distinctive and metallic-like, and could be an indicator of faulty wiring. This can be a very dangerous situation and should be corrected as soon as possible. If you are hearing noises coming from your breaker box, such as a continuous humming or buzzing noise, this could be a sign that a circuit breaker is trying to trip and is failing. A faulty electrical safety system is a dangerous one, and should be regarded as an electrical emergency.

Are damages caused by an electrical fire considered an electrical emergency?

The aftermath of an electrical fire can be disasterous. After the fire has been dealt with, an emergency electrician should be called to the scene, whether that’s to figure out the source of the electrical fire or to correct any safety hazards to prevent any further damage. An emergency electrician will also be able to help with the recovery process. In cases where electrical systems are partially or entirely destroyed, a new system will have to be installed.

Does 24 hour emergency service include weekends?

Not all electricians work on weekends, but MADE ELECTRIC offers services that extend to all days of the week.

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