New Home Construction and Home Renovation Wiring, Mississauga

Planning a renovation or the construction of a new home? For electrical projects or services, all wiring and re-wiring should meet electrical code requirements.
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New Home Construction and Home Renovation Wiring, Mississauga

During construction for new homes, wiring is often left as one of the projects to be considered last. However, that should never be a sign to overlook the process or skimp on the materials. In the modern world, having up-to-date wiring is incredibly important. Especially with families growing and technology advancing at an accelerated speed, ensuring that your wiring is able to get electricity safely and securely to your devices has never been more crucial. If you plan on doing a home renovation, it’s an even better time to get renovation wiring done. For this process, since building codes are often upgraded, it’s recommended to hire a licensed electrical contractor to do the job. Having a licensed electrician do the work can turn this complicated process into a job that you can rest assured will be done properly and professionally.

Many upgrades are affected by the sufficiency of wiring. This includes lighting upgrades and additional outlet installation. The most common lighting upgrade requested is pot lights or recessed lighting. These energy efficient lights help to save money by requiring less electricity to run, especially when paired with LED bulbs, which burn brighter and cooler. Since installation requires working with wiring (sometimes with the additional job of a wiring upgrade), homeowners more often than not hire a licensed electrical contractor to help.

For additional outlet installation, a licensed electrician will be able to determine the additional demand or electrical load that will be added to ensure that your electrical service will be able to handle it (with the possibility of a service/panel upgrade to increase your home’s capacity). They can also help with mapping out where these newer outlets should be installed, as well as whether there is a need for more Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) to be installed in rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I upgrade or replace my existing outlets?

One key sign that your outlets need to be upgraded or replaced is if your plugs begin to fall out rather than staying plugged in. Clips should firmly grip the plugs of your appliances and devices. If you find them falling out, this is a sign that they’ve worn out and need to be replaced. GFCI outlets or outlets with surge protection further increase safety. If more than one outlet is continuously sparking or scorching, this may be a more serious sign of outdated wiring, in which case renovation wiring is highly recommended for safety purposes.

Do I need renovation wiring if my home has aluminum wiring?

Unlike knob and tube wiring, as of 2021, aluminum wiring is still deemed as safe. However, since aluminum tends to be softer, the wiring is more likely to come undone or become loose. The ESA therefore recommends that houses with aluminum wiring be maintained and inspected by a licensed electrician every 3-5 years. For some, this can be hassle, which is why upgrading from aluminum to copper wiring is worth the investment.

Will wired security be better than wireless security?

Wired security tends to be cheaper and less prone to interference. If anything, having wired security is a good option to have in your back pocket, as you can always add on with wireless options afterwards. A security system is one of the many considerations to keep in mind when thinking about up-to-date wiring, so this should be planned during the wiring stage.

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