Whole House Surge Protection, Markham

Electronics are expensive. Protect yours with whole house surge protection.
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Whole House Surge Protection, Markham

Whole house surge protection has become a necessity for the modern home with the amount of electronics owned today that are vulnerable to electrical surges. Without the proper surge protection, these devices are at risk for being fried or at least the very least having their lifespan shortened. At worst, a larger voltage spike could result in the very real possibility of a house fire. Reducing this hazard is therefore crucial with the installation of whole house surge protection.

Internal surges account for nearly 80% of all power surges and occur every day in the home. Although these are low-power surges are smaller and not immediately apparent in its effects, they have been proven to shorten the lifespan of electronics and appliances. The cost of replacing these devices can definitely add up once they’ve gotten to the point where they’ve stopped working from the electrical strain.

So what exactly causes them? When the major systems (such as the central heating or air conditioning) in your home cycle on and off, a large amount of power is drawn each time the system starts up. This creates small but significant surges that spread throughout the home’s wiring, following the path of least resistance to reach the devices and appliances that are plugged into the wall. The constant surge and release is damaging to your property, as the circuitry components are particularly sensitive to electrical disturbances.

If low-power internal surges can have a negative effect on your devices, the havoc wreaked by larger surges coming from exterior sources can endanger not only your electronics, but your home itself. These power surges are caused by things such as extreme weather (such as lightning or snow storms, and the outages they cause), downed power lines, and city-wide disruptions on the electrical grid.

The higher-than-normal voltage that these events cause poses a serious safety risk. So how can you as a homeowner circumvent this? By having a licensed electrician install whole house surge protection, your home will have an added layer of protection that could very well allow you to avoid a crisis. When whole house surge protection is added, a device is installed by your home’s electrical panel. This device will monitor incoming electrical energy, and when it detects excess voltage, it will divert it into the ground rather than allowing it to enter your home’s circuitry.

You pay too much on your mortgage to risk it. Appliances and electronics are expensive, so investing in a whole house surge protector will practically pay for itself as you save money in the long run. To protect your home and your property, have a whole house surge protector installed.

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information, to learn more about essential surge protection, and to inquire about having a whole house surge protector installed in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do internal and external surges need different kinds of protection?

Having whole house surge protection ensures that your home is guarded against a large amount of voltage coming from exterior sources. However, the excess voltage (up to 15%) also has a chance of leaking past the device, as there is only so much that it may be able to hold. To add a second layer of protection, and to guard your devices against internal surges, point-of-use plug-ins should also be used. These are power strips with surge protection.

Why do I need whole house surge protection if my house is unlikely to be struck by lightning?

Lightning does not need to necessarily strike your house for it to cause damage, as there have been cases where lightning can strike a nearby utility pole, causing the voltage to travel through the power lines to eventually reach the internal wiring of your home. There are also many other causes for exterior surges, and having whole house surge protection allows peace of mind against the often unpredictable elements.

Is whole house surge protection or point-of-use protection more important?

Both are equally as important, since they have different functions. Whole house surge protection is especially crucial to guard against and tame larger surges of energy. After it is installed by a licensed electrician, point-of-use protection should also be used for the maximum amount of protection.

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