Service and Panel Upgrade, Markham

The electrical service and panels are responsible for ensuring enough electricity reaches all your devices. A panel upgrade will increase the safety of your home.
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Service and Panel Upgrade, Markham

The electrical panels remaining in the household from when houses were first built are far from optimized for the enormous pull of modern appliances. Since the capacity was initially designed for a smaller amount of electrical usage, it is likely to be outdated by now. Many homeowners request electrical service and panel upgrades to acquire more power for their homes, since they may find themselves constantly using power strips to extend their electrical usage, only to find that it does not solve the root problem and can cause blackouts from going over capacity.

In fact, a survey conducted in 2020 found that the vast majority of Canadians these days use electronic devices that require constant charging. Simply put, the service size of a home from 20 years ago is unlikely to be supported today, as many electrical panels were not designed for the amount of electronics used in the modern home.

Going over capacity can pose serious risks. If, for example, you add in a new heating system or a new hot tub without upgrading your service size, you will likely be overloading your electrical panel. This can cause a large amount of heat to build up. In most cases, the circuit breaker will trip, and you will have to go down to your electrical panel to reset it.

However, in some cases, the excess heat can cause the breaker to melt and become stuck in position, preventing it from tripping and protecting your home. This can have disastrous effects, as house fires can be started this way. The same can occur if your home still uses fuses rather than circuit breakers, which are a one-time use and are especially prone to melting. Having your service and panel upgraded will allow more leeway as you rest assured that your home is functioning at its best.

Getting a service and panel upgrade is also ideal for future proofing, as it prepares your home for future upgrades and renovations. If you end up selling your house, listing recent upgrades can potentially boost the value of your property.

If your home has not had a service and panel upgrade in the past 25-40 years, it’s worth looking into, as an outdated electrical panel is a dangerous one, putting your home at risk for electrical fires. The modern demand of electronic devices has created the need for a much higher capacity more than ever before. Don’t take the risk — upgrade your electrical service and panel today!

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information, to learn more about service and panel upgrades, and to inquire about having a service and panel upgrade installed in your home! We operate within the GTA to ensure that your home and your electronics are safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What service size will I need?

To determine the right service size for your household, a licensed electrician can be hired to do a load or demand calculation. This is used to figure out the maximum potential load of your electrical service based on your usage and other elements of your home, including the square footage of your living space, the existing appliances in your home, any vehicle charging units, etc.

Will I need to upgrade my service size if I upgrade my panel?

When upgrading your panel to one that is more up-to-date, getting a bigger service size is not required, but is highly recommended for greater performance. Having a safer working capacity over 100 amps will allow you comfort during high-draw situations such as periods from December to January when Christmas lights tend to be used.

What is the difference in cost between 200 amps and 400 amps?

The cost can vary depending on your location and the electrical contractor, but typically stands between $1,000 to $4,000. If you are able to invest the money into keeping your home safe, it is highly recommended to look into hiring a certified professional to get the work done. Even more costly is having to recover from an electrical fire.

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