New Home Construction and Home Renovation Wiring, Markham

Planning a renovation or the construction of a new home? For electrical projects or services, all wiring and re-wiring should meet electrical code requirements.
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New Home Construction and Home Renovation Wiring, Markham

When preparing for home renovations and making a list of things to upgrade, common electrical items listed by homeowners to consider are updating lighting fixtures and adding or renewing outlets. However, if your home was never pre-wired during construction, consider renovation wiring. Any major electrical renovation will likely increase a home’s overall electrical load. Not only is it important to ensure you have an up-to-date service and panel, but you will also need to ensure that electricity is able to safely and efficiently reach its destination without disruption. Having sufficient wiring will keep you and your property safe while allowing you to live comfortably.

The most common concerns for wiring are sizing, proper attachments or connections, and sufficient protection. Faulty wiring is one of the main causes of house fires and property damage, which is why wiring should be installed and maintained, with any concerns addressed, by a licensed electrical contractor. It’s important for wiring to adhere to building codes, which are constantly updated and which licensed electricians are trained to keep up-to-date with. Wiring that does not match new electrical requirements can cause excess current, creating a fire hazard.

Having proper wiring installed while you have access to open walls during new home construction and home renovations can save you money in the long-run on labour and electrical costs. Even if you feel an complete wiring overhaul is unnecessary, an upgrade to the most crucial parts of your home or an inspection is a good idea for home maintenance and safety. It’s best to work with a licensed electrician to determine how much power will be needed running through each room, including thinking about any lighting fixtures you may want installed and the amount of outlets necessary for the room, as well as if your electrical capacity and wiring meets the quota. Renovation wiring and other upgrades may be suggested.

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information on home construction or home renovation wiring! Our team operates within the GTA and is committed to helping you make your dream home a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For renovation wiring, what kind of wiring is ideal for the modern home?

As aluminum wiring is becoming dated, copper wiring is now considered the best possible wiring for the modern home by electrical experts. Since copper is sturdier with excellent conductivity, it requires less maintenance and can handle larger electrical loads with minimal wear and tear. In contrast, aluminum wiring, although malleable and easy to work with, has a tendency to fray and come loose from terminals, making the cost of maintenance and inspection to add up.

Do you offer data wiring services?

Although data wiring is typically lower-voltage compared to other forms of wiring around the home, it is still recommended to have a licensed electrician do the work of landline and internet hook-ups, as there is the risk of data wiring coming into contact with higher-voltage household wiring (which usually carries around 120-volts of power). No wiring job is too little or too big for our services. For more information, contact MADE ELECTRIC today!

Can outlets become outdated? How do I know if they need to be replaced?

Outlets can become outdated over time, with key signs including sparking or scorching and plugs falling out of outlets. To ensure that it’s not the symptom of something more serious, a licensed electrician should inspect the issue. For bathrooms, kitchens, or any rooms where there is the risk of water coming into contact with electricity, it’s also important for safety reasons that Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCIs) outlets are installed. These outlets function by cutting off electricity to devices when coming into contact with water and are required for the safety of modern homes.

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