Interior and Exterior Pot Lights, Markham

Lighting can make a drastic difference in your home in efficiency and appearance. Choose healthy lighting with pot lights today.
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Interior and Exterior Pot Lights, Markham

Pot lights have become increasingly popular over the years as construction shifts to incorporate more modern aesthetics and home renovations center on sleeker and more polished designs. With their electrical components often completely hidden, these lights are the perfect finishing touch and centerpiece. Since they are so easy to incorporate into contemporary designs and are so versatile, they are often the best choice for lighting in the modern home.

Healthy lighting is also easily incorporated into pot lights. Over the years, Canadians have begun to notice the importance of having healthy lighting in the home. Especially during the winter months when the winter blues tend to set in, having artificial lighting can alleviate the strain caused by a lack of sunlight. The great thing about lighting is that it can be customized and changed willingly to suit your needs. Cooler temperature lighting, for example, emits the same blue light as the sun and is proven to help stimulate productivity. Meanwhile, warmer temperature lighting often helps with relaxation.

For situations that require task lighting, a high colour rendering index (CRI) is recommended as it contributes to healthy lighting. CRI is a measure of how true colours appear to the human eye compared to natural sunlight. For tasks that involve cooking, getting dressed, applying makeup, or doing art, a high CRI is ideal. Whether you’re looking to install them into one room, into all of your rooms, or to the exterior of your property, these lights are a great option to enhance the lighting experience of your home.

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information, to learn more about interior and exterior pot lights, and to inquire about having pot lights installed in your home! We operate within the GTA to ensure that your home has the best possible lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can pot lights be installed?

For interior spaces, pot lights are often installed in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. They can be placed virtually anywhere along ceilings and walls, as long as there isn’t complex plasterwork/moulding and the ceiling isn’t concrete. They can also be placed in exterior spaces, outside of your home.

Do pot lights burn out easily?

Replacing pot lights can be a concern for homeowners, but you will be able to rest assured as they are very long-lasting and have a run time of 5-6 years (or 50,000 hours), especially for those that use LED bulbs.

What features can I customize?

Pot lights can be customized to be dimmable, rotatable, moisture-resistant (for places such as the bathroom), and more. They can also be made to amplify lighting or to reduce glare. For the full list of options, don’t hesitate to contact MADE ELECTRIC today!

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