Electric Vehicle Charger, Markham

Save money on gas with an electric vehicle by having an electric vehicle charger installed.
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Electric Vehicle Charger, Markham

As electric vehicles become more affordable and easier to use, more homeowners are looking into getting an electric vehicle charger installed at home. Charging an electric car is as easy as plugging it into any standard three-pronged outlet, but for faster, more usable, and more efficient daily charging, level 2 charging stations allow the convenience of re-fueling from the comfort of your own home. According to Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, less than $530 is spent per year charging electric vehicles (or $1.45 per night), compared to the $2,500 spent on gasoline. While charging at public stations is much cheaper than re-filling with gasoline at gas stations, the added convenience and the saved money of charging at home are significant bonuses.

To ensure that your home is suitable for an electric vehicle charger installation, it is first imperative to have a licensed electrician check that your electrical service is sufficient, as well as confirming that your electrical panel has room for a dedicated breaker. A service or panel upgrade may be in order, but after this is done, the process can begin in planning where the charger will be installed and what kind of charging station you would prefer. A licensed electrical contractor will take care of the necessary permits. The speed of charging stations are determined by an amperage amount, with 20-40 amps being the standard.

The cost of installation can vary depending on how much time and resources are spent on the process. Simpler installations tend to cost less (when it’s as easy as connecting the panel to the charging station), but more complex garage or driveway layouts may be more expensive to work with. The cost can also depend on whether the electric vehicle charger will be installed inside or outside. For homes that don’t have a garage or space inside to store the vehicle, an outdoor installation of a hardwired charging station may be necessary. Indoor installations have the option of using a plugged-in charging station, which tends to be more expensive, but is portable and is easier to replace or repair.

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information, to learn more about electric vehicle charging, and to inquire about having an electric vehicle charger installed in your home! We operate within the GTA to ensure that your vehicle and your home are functioning at the highest possible capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How quickly will my electric vehicle charger charge?

Since the speed of electric vehicle chargers is dependent on amps, the quickness can vary depending on the output. The range of a 1 hour charge is 30-50 km of driving range, with a full charge taking between 2-10 hours. With 20-40 amps being the standard, charging for 1 hour on 30 amps can provide 48 km of driving range, while charging for 1 hour on 40 amps can provide 64 km of driving range.

Are electric vehicle chargers expensive to install?

Government rebates and incentives have improved the affordability of installation. The base cost of the electric vehicle charger itself can range from $500 for the cheapest model to $800 for charging stations with extra features (such as Wi-Fi connectivity). Depending on how complicated the installation is, the cost of the entire process can range from a few hundred dollars to around $1000. Of course, many find that the investment is worth the long-term savings.

How far away will my electric vehicle charger be able to reach?

This depends on the portability of the charging station, but for stationary or hardwired ones, most manufacturers produce charging stations with a cable length of 16 and 25 feet. Although a longer cable length will be a bit pricier, the extra mobility is an added convenience.

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