Electric Vehicle Charger, Brampton

Save money on gas with an electric vehicle by having an electric vehicle charger installed.
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Electric Vehicle Charger, Brampton

With an electric vehicle charger, you can significantly increase the convenience of owning an electric vehicle. According to Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, electric vehicle owners save hundreds of dollars per year by going electric. This becomes easier with a charging station installed at home, as it allows you to charge on-demand at any time of the day. The cost of charging is typically around $1.45 per night, which totals to $530 per year compared to the $2,500 spent on fueling a gasoline car.

Electric vehicle chargers take two forms, as portable plug-ins or as stations hardwired to the home. Plugged-in charging stations connect via a 240-volt wall outlet and are usually slightly higher in price, but are much easier to replace or repair. These are often recommended for garages or spaces where cars can be stored inside. Meanwhile, hardwired charging stations are ideal for outdoor installations, for cases where the owner has a driveway, but no garage. Hardwired stations utilize an interior electric connection, much like a ceiling fan.

To start the process of installation, a licensed electrician should first assess the electrical system in your home to ensure that it will be able to accommodate the addition of an electric vehicle charger. The electrical panel should also have enough room for dedicated breaker. There may be cases where a panel or service upgrade is in order, but once is sorted, the electrician will check the general vicinity to determine which kind of charging station you will need and you will be provided with an estimate.

Contact MADE ELECTRIC for more information, to learn more about electric vehicle charging, and to inquire about having an electric vehicle charger installed in your home! We operate within the GTA to ensure that your vehicle and your home are functioning at the highest possible capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How powerful will my electric vehicle charger be and how long will it take to fully charge?

Home electric vehicle chargers utilize level 2 charging, which is considered heavy duty. On average, 1 hour of charging will provide 30-50 km of driving. A full charge will typically take around 2-10 hours, with the charging speed dependent on how many amps of charging are provided by the station. The normal amount is 20-40 amps of electricity, with 1 hour of charging on 40 amps providing approximately 64 km of driving range.

What is the difference between an electric vehicle charger installed at home and charging in public?

Although you will undoubtedly save money charging an electric vehicle compared to fueling a gasoline car, public level 2 charging stations tend to cost a little bit more at $2.50/charge or $1/hr, with the added inconvenience of having to drive down to a charging station (not unlike going to a gas station).

Public level 3 charging stations should be considered for long trips — not only because such strong charging can affect your battery’s life span, but the average cost tends to be around $15/hour, which is less than ideal for regular use.

How do I know if a certain electric vehicle charger is compatible with my vehicle?

As of 2021, most (if not all) electric vehicles follow the industry standard of a J1772 connector and charging cord. Besides the safety of your vehicle and home, another reason to have a licensed electrician get the job done is to quell any concerns about compatibility issues, which will normally not be a problem, as public charging stations tend to use the same hardware.

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