Ballast Replacements, Markham

As a commercial property owner, it's important to stay on top of regular maintenance and repairs in order to protect your investment and ensure the safety of your tenants. One task that is often overlooked is the replacement of ballasts in fluorescent lighting fixtures.
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Ballast Replacements, Markham

It’s crucial for owners of commercial properties to stay on top of routine maintenance and repairs in order to protect their investment and ensure the safety of their building’s inhabitants. Ballast replacement is a step that is commonly overlooked when dealing with fluorescent lighting fixtures.

A ballast is an electrical component used in fluorescent lighting fixtures to regulate current. They could degrade and become less effective with time, leading to flickering lights and lower energy savings. They could pose a fire risk in severe conditions.

The ballasts may be easily and affordably replaced, which can improve your property’s safety and energy efficiency. Your electricity bill might drop dramatically if you utilize new ballasts since they are built to last longer and use less energy. They also eliminate the chance that an old, damaged ballast may cause a fire.

In addition to its practical benefits, ballast replacement delivers aesthetic benefits for your home. Flickering lights and inadequate lighting might give guests and tenants a negative impression of a property. With new lighting fixtures, your property may appear more modern and well-maintained.

Don’t wait to replace your ballasts today, reach out to us today here at MADE ELECTRIC! Our electricians are skilled and knowledgeable, and we are proud to provide quality service in both residential and commercial areas in Markham and across the GTA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my ballasts need to be replaced?

Signs that your ballasts may need to be replaced include flickering lights, dim lighting, and increased energy costs. A licensed electrician can inspect your lighting fixtures and determine if replacement is necessary.

How often do ballasts need to be replaced?

The lifespan of a ballast can vary, but on average they last between 5 and 10 years. It’s recommended to have your ballasts inspected regularly by a licensed electrical contractor to determine if they need to be replaced.

Can I replace the ballasts myself?

While it is technically possible to replace ballasts yourself, it’s best to hire a licensed electrical contractor to handle the task. Electricians are trained and experienced in working with electrical systems, and will be able to safely and efficiently replace the ballasts.

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