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A new craze is creeping in broadcasting at the moment and that is 3D Television. There are already a number of manufacturers who have already joined the bandwagon of 3D TV technology including Sony, LG, Panasonic and Samsung. You can transform your TV experience to the next dimension with theLG 47LX6900 3D LED TVand take the 3D movies alive right to the conveniences of your living room and feel the spills and the excitement of the huge match for the cost of a season ticket to the local sports team. In the following review, let us take a look at what the LG 47LX6900 3D LED TV has to offer in terms of performance and value. Before that, here are the highs and lows of the LG 47LX6900 in the lines of our likes and dislikes.

What we like:

The 47LX6900 appears quite appealing in the living room, particularly if you are one who is more inclined towards the pretty modern tastes. It is nicely packed with features and connections and there are times when the sharpness, colour vibrancy and brightness of the 47LX6900 actually help pictures shine.

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What we do not like:

There are darker scenes on the 47LX6900 that are not too convincing, courtesy the patches of backlight inconsistency and black level response. Crosstalk noises seem to blight 3D pictures routinely and the colours are not as subtle as they seem to have on several other recent LG LED TVs.

Design Features:

LG has dealt with almost every 3D zest known to the TV industry. The only obvious thing missing from a list of features that already has direct LED Television, passive LCD and plasma is 3D edge LED and this is something that is now employed by the LG 47LX9900. TheLG 47LX6900 47 inch 3D LED TV (product code: 47LX6900)set with an ultra slim depth & narrow frame carries a price tag of 1200 in several places online which seems quite reasonable for a 3D-capable, 47-inch TV which looks fabulous and is packed with great set of specs. With a bit of luck, this seemingly good price has not been realized at the cost of the quality of picture. Your interest towards the TV will only grow as you look into it's specification sheet and consider both it's connections and 3D talents and there you have a great multimedia-savvy set in the making. The catch is when the TV is switched on to find an undoubtedly striking picture performance marred at times by crosstalk noise with dreary black level response spoiled by inconsistencies in backlight brightness and 3D sources.

Great looking:

The nice looking 47 47LX6900 does not have Infinia sets, a fascia finish of a single layer of LG sets, however it's somewhat split-level bezel, placid blue touch to the TVs extremities, extreme (sub 3cm) thinness and desktop stand which is blue-necked make it an impressive set to take a look at. The absence of LG's premium Infinia sets perhaps makes it reflect ambient light much lesser. Given the thinness of the TV, although it seems slightly draft that most connections and this includes three of the four of LED TVs HDMI right out of the TVs rear, meaning that the 47LX6900 is not as simple as to be suspended or fixed on the wall as well as a thin and slender TV must be. There are also a wide range of noise reduction settings, backlight adjustment, besides a number of bits and boobs. Most of the other options are best made use of sparingly, if at all as some of the things could undermine, instead of enhancing the picture quality with particular sources.

Ease of use:

The47LX6900 47-inch Full HD LED TVcontinues the brands excellent run of form in this respect and thanks to unquestionably the finest menu system on any contemporary TV line-up. The combo of clear, large icons with a simple, intuitive structure and highly legible text performs exceedingly well. Part of this intuitiveness can be attributed to a fine understanding on the manufacturers part of how to fit in various depths of technical expertise, as getting to the much deeper features and options requires you taking a deeper plunge through sub-menus; to put it the other way, LG has taken care not to baffle novices with completely every option the 7LX6900 has to provide the moment they push the menu button the first time. The remote control of the TV set does not look that much co-operative when you first fix your eyes on it and feels a bit plasticky; however it harmonises efficiently with the brilliant onscreen menus.

Performance features:

3D transmitter:

The 3D transmitter of the LG 47LX6900 Television is included within the TVs body, whilst, you also get a pair of LGs reasonably comfy active shutter glasses alongside the LED TV free of charge. Obviously, it is not possible that most people who purchase a 47LX6900 would watch programmes without any aid at all times, therefore families will need to take into account 100 for every additional set of glasses viewers require. If you take this into consideration, it is a shame that LG has not offered two set of glasses for nothing like Panasonic and Philips do. It is not coincidence that LGs key rival, Samsung also offers you a single pair of glasses. In ideal scenario, we would like to have two pairs of glasses, taking into consideration the fact that 3D is supposedly deemed as a social medium, but again that might seem to be much of an ask, given the sort of deflated price that the 47LX6900 is available on the market.


We found the connectivity provided by the manufacturer is surprisingly prodigious. For in addition to the previously described 4 HDMIs, one may get an USB input, Ethernet port, port that is meant for attaching it's cool sounding, though not easy to locate Wireless AV Link optional additional box and D-Sub PC port. The Wireless AV Link extra box helps you to stream in HD audio and video wirelessly from any sources placed externally. The Ethernet port gives you all the aspects that you may expect out of a socket such as this. For example, the port is there as necessary support for the Freeview HD tuner that is built in. In addition, it could be made of use to jack the television into the network if you need to playback music, photos and video files from DLNA PC connected to it and you will also have no problem accessing the NetCast online service from LG.

NetCast Internet TV:

This service as we have seen in other LG TV reviews is currently slightly noisy when compared to competition with only Picassa, Accuweather and YouTube facilities to it's credit. We really expect that LG comes with some more gripping online facilities & features with the range of LG's 2011 TV models, but at present, NetCast is a second-tier online function weighing against the services provided by other rival brands.

Picture setup options:

The features that47LX6900 1080p HD Ready LED TVare short of in terms of Net services are made up for in it's picture setup feature. For it is another LG LED TV which the Imaging Science Foundation has duly endorsed and this means that it has such brilliant calibration aids like two or ten point gamma adjustment, besides a quite flattering colour management systems like the facilities for adjusting the contrast and brightness of RGB (Red, Blue, Green) colour components as well as the tint and saturation of RGBCMY elements.

Picture Performance:

There are two things that we would like to mention before we get into the picture performance of 47LX6900: One, it brags LGs brilliant onscreen menu system and a pretty decent remote control. Two, the 47LX6900 failed to play a picture from the Xbox 360 console. This issue of course is specific to our review sample, though we would like to know if any users of 47LX6900 have faced similar problems. The quality of the performance of the 47LX6900 relative to it's peers may differ depending on whether you are watching 2D or 3D and all regular users should be able to guess which performs the best.

Pictures Dynamic & Impressive:

Pictures are however spectacularly dynamic and impressive. These in-built, aggressive attributes serve the LED TV set especially well, when displaying 3D, as they could fight quite efficiently against the fashion 3D images lose saturation and brightness when you wear active shutter 3D glasses. Obviously, the 47LX6900's 3D pictures seem to be much more dynamic and punchy compared to Panasonics otherwise fabulous 3D plasma TVs.

TheLG 47LX6900 TruMotion 200HZ LED TVreally looks like it seems to actually savour highlighting all the detail that defines HD material, giving texturing and sharpness galore with Blu-rays or high-definition from the Freeview High Definition Tuner. In addition, it is a good, standard-definition upscaler producing nice sharpness and retaining realistic colours, but here it falls short of some of the most top standard definition-full HD performers as it seems to emphasize source noise a bit. The 47LX6900's combo of good detailing, rich colours and high brightness can end up in some quite blistering 2D images at other times. It is a shame that these times do not encompass any dark scene.

On a negative note, the colours of the 47LX6900 does not seem to make an impression as much as you find in some of the other latest LG LED TVs. Undoubtedly, they are rich and dynamic, but they are not as subtle as they need to be and this results in somewhat artificial skin tones as this LED TV does not succeed to delineate small, though key tonal differences.

Black levels:

Whilst the 47LX6900 can at times deliver a truly brilliant 2D picture when all of the right picture source planets may come into alignment, it however has a flaw or two. The worst of these problems, by far is the black level response of the screen. But as you have this feature turned off for the reasons mentioned earlier, the dark scenes seems to appear behind a curtain of tell-tale mist of grey that significantly lowers the images dynamism, conceals the shadow detail and usually makes dark scenes less pleasurable to view than the likes of brighter ones. Augmenting the problem is the appearance of inconsistency of little backlight, wherein the corners of extremely darker pictures seem noticeably brighter than the remaining portion of the picture being the common direct problem of LED and therefore, the black level response lowers dramatically, if you need to view from any large angle down the TV sides.

Whilst we found the screen quite punchy and bright at the lightest, most colourful part of the visual range, it does struggle to give you a pretty realistic black colour. This occurs on two levels namely the normal tone of darker scenes which is quite grey and this will leave you squinting, searching for shadow details through a sort of gentle fog. And because of the same problem, you will be able to find dark scenes seeming not much convincing as the brighter ones. The form of appearance in each of the TV sets corners of inconsistency of marked backlight looks rather worse. We found that this is imperceptible during brighter scenes, but it is virtually impossible to ignore or miss during rather dark scenes. Black levels can enhance in several ways, if LGs local dimming feature is activated, but the downsides mentioned above to making use of the feature outweigh the apparent advantages of the TV.

There is another drawback of the colours looking a bit plasticky in some places and we suppose this is because of the screen not built with enough colour processing power to handle subtle colour blends with complete precision. This is a certain issue, although not a big one.

LG's TruMotion 200Hz system:

The LG 47LX6900 is built with the TruMotion 200Hz system, but rather disappointingly there is local dimming, wherein portions of the edge LED lightning could be adjusted individually. The trouble with this is that the localisation level you can achieve is really quite limited with the output. The brighter parts of a picture usually within a dark scene are relatively blatant and therefore highly distracting with ghastly grey squares about the pictures brighter part. Therefore, generally we recommend that you have this very aspect turned off all the time.

The 200Hz system is in actual a 100Hz system working in combination with a scanning backlight. Whilst this may tend to be rather misleading, it is not worth taking too much complaint, provided the efficiency such systems have displayed in lowering motion blur and judder.

On the negative side of things, though the TruMotion circuitry performs exceedingly well in suppressing the motion blur, the feature does produce additional processing side effects than otherwise we would have liked. This of course can be said of most motion compensation engines; however the 47LX6900 is not the most adaptive of systems compared to competition.

Maintaining the TruMotion system to the lowest of power settings still give you a fairly nice balance between the processing speed and motion improvement, however the system is definitely not there compared to the likes of Panasonic, Philips and Sony to what they are accomplishing with motion processing nowadays.

3D crosstalk:

The rather disappointing (and something we not at all expected) feature is the fact that the 3D material is distractingly disturbed by the crosstalk noise. Every time you look at any 3D material, be it console game, Blu-ray or the 3D channel Sky, it's performance is affected by the unbelievably consistent and clear form of double ghosting about some edges and objects, particularly those in the range of mid to far distance. With the reduction of the 3D picture sharpness, the amount of crosstalk noise can make the total experience pretty hard. There is no 3D TV at the moment that has totally got rid of crosstalk, but the point to which this affects the LG 47LX6900 is comparatively higher compared to some of the rival screens, especially plasmas.

Because of crosstalk, viewing 3D for more than a while at a time can prove tiring and as such is barely conducive to viewing a full-length 3D movie. This comes as a disappointment as this LED TV does a nice job of 3D in several other ways, giving pretty impressive colour toning and brightness. In this respect, the 47LX6900 performs better than plasma 3D sets, because it also does well as regards sharpness and brightness, except for the crosstalk playing spoilsport. For all the good 3D work it can do, it is the crosstalk that defines it's unbelievably good 3D experience at the end of the day. The 2D pictures of 47LX6900 are completely more watchable.

If not for the crosstalk in play, the good attributes of the screen are a lot appreciable. We found the colours a lot aggressive, for instance, ensuring that pictures grab your attention even in a brightly lit room. The HD picture of this LED TV set is sharp, clear and seriously detailed too, though not much in a forced way. To put it the other way, the detailing is not accompanied by overt noise or ringed contours. If you are watching a Sky 3D football match, as an example, you could see double ghosting just around the ball, players and pitch lines. The aggressiveness and amount of the ghosting differ depending, it seems, to the distance from a particular shots action with distance and mid shot among the worst. But it does crop up on a frequent basis and is pretty distracting. We watched on it on all other 3D sources too, whether Monsters Vs Aliens on your Blu-ray or Black Ops in 3D on a PS3. And more importantly, it is a lot more blatant than it is on some of the 3D plasma television we have seen to date.

Audio performance:

The 47LX6900's sound is a lot better than one may have expected, given the extreme slenderness of the TV. The soundtracks of high-quality movie soundtracks are much lively and detailed, courtesy it's loads of clear (though not terrible) treble information, besides there is pretty open feel to the audio output that gets rid of a great deal of the muddiness and thinness, quite ubiquitous with thinner TVs. As customary with LG, there is a certain shortage of bass, which leaves action movie scenes lopsided and unconvincing. However, the mid-range is at least open enough and dynamic to keep the loud noise sounding clear and detailed and you can achieve pretty loud volumes before actual distortion sets in. Although if you do turn the TV loud whilst viewing an action film, be ready for the unusual moment of harshness along the way.

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