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If you have never made use of Ambilight, we feel you are missing a real treat. It is one of those features we felt we would never get in with though, finally, it ended up being a superb deal. If you are viewing movies in a darkened room, this feature does add some spice to it. This does not mean it will appeal to all, but the inclusion of Ambilight has the real potential to transform the viewing experience.

LED-illuminated LCD:

This TV has put the conventional fluorescent tube-based backlight out of doors and obviously embraced LED-based edge-lighting technology. And did we mention that we adore this, as this means the 37PFL7605H/05 is delightfully thin with improved power consumption and enhanced contrast. Needless to say, this technology carries a certain price tag. The lethal combo of LED backlighting and Ambilight will explain why the Philips TV is a tad pricier than you would otherwise expect.

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Also, putting it to test, watching news, sports or documentaries is okay. The real problem popped up while watching movies, especially when it involves half-lit scenes and makes you feels as if you are peeking through a telescope at a speck of distant light. The TV does seem to detect the gloom and then boost the lighting. The increase is pretty discernable and especially when you know what comes next. We found ourselves reaching for the remote control every time to increase the brightness levels and then obviously reducing it such that the newsreaders do not appear like they have been proffered sainthood!

Audio Quality:

This is an area that Philips hardly ever disappoints. The speakers built on this television come as no real exception. They are well-controlled, sound tight and present a good range. If you are listening in a moderately sized room, the audio quality is good enough and moreover, they do not distort at the upper end of the scale. Obviously, there is nothing that can prevent us from advising all our AV enthusiasts to she'll out a few bucks on purchasing external speakers plus a high-quality surround-sound amp. These extras for sure would pay for themselves, giving you a more satisfying bass feeling pumping on your ears and through your body.

There are users who moaned about sound dropping out from the TV sets internal speakers for 5-8 seconds after it has been left to remain on standby for a number of days. But the good news is that you can download the new firmware update onto USB stick from the manufacturers website and this seems like it would fix the issue. Also some users still report issues when connecting to other devices through HDMI.


We have talked at length about the companys picture processing capabilities in the review of thePhilips 32PFL5605H LED TVand is beyond gag. To be honest, the manufacturer will not be satisfied until you watch every segment of video on it's TVs as it we're captured on a shoddy camcorder. Configure it to it's default settings, the Philips 37PFL7605H/05 obliterates movies and most forms of other video material or content too. With the quite handed processing, you need to play the waiting game for some time. The real positive here is that you can configure and also switch off the additional processing modes. We recommend you move on to the picture menu and disable whatever thing of sort that may be a marketing catchphrase, as it is likely that it can destroy the picture.

And the processing becomes all the more bizarre once you have shut it all off and the remnant, a likeable and stable picture. Why the manufacturer puts the less tech-savvy mortals through this arduous processing is beyond imagination; however we do hope it would rework on it's future releases.

Built-in Internet TV Disappointing stuff!

DNLA feature: This is a peach of an addition, we really adore. If you have a serve that is always on, the Philips 37PFL7605H/05 looks like it will play back just about every video format thrown at it. If you have a media PC connected to it, the TV would play back just about every music album, video and pictures on the server. The fact that it backs some features of HDMI 1.4 such as ARC makes it easy for you to use. When you turn the TV on, the Blu-Ray player and Amp automatically turn off too.

In terms of SD channels, the Philips is okay with the Freeview image. Like it or loathe it, you need to tweak MPEG noise-reduction settings to even out the blockiness, though at the expense of image sharpness. We also found that none of the standard modes is anywhere close to being correct. In order to get the best form of picture, you need to turn off the HD Natural motion and most other fancy settings, then turn on the 100Hz clear LCD with motion and select Personal for Picture and set Custom tint, lower the red & green a bit.

This is pretty much a matter of personal preference, however, we recommend tweaking the settings unless you are content with the output. And do not say yes to the default set-up as it can prove a nightmare. It is with HD stuff that the Philips 37PFL7605H/05 actually comes trumps. An external HD tuner was attached to find that the 4HD, BBC, ITV HD and HD looked fine. The low resolution pictures are really awful and we found the TV struggling to catch up with the screen movements, therefore the edges of faces appear pixelated and blurred. The TV would not have been worth watching if not for hope of stunning HD pictures in the mere future. Furthermore, Blu-Ray presented an even better picture and to be honest, we liked the way the results on the test disc panned out. The movie on test Casino Royale looked imposing and more importantly with good contrast and rich, bright yet nicely balanced colour.

Remote Control:

It is heartening to know that the manufacturer has updated the remote control and whilst this is not a press-stopping action, the updated controller is completely different to that of the predecessor. It is shaped like a rugby-ball and comes with a considerably less number of controls. But the point here is that Philips has shifted gears and decided to transfer all the input options and settings to a sort of home menu. This you can access when you press the small house logo found on the controller. You can configure the picture and audio options from here and establish the required network settings. Besides, you can also browse the DLNA Network. All the external devices that show up on the home screen can be customised. We had no trouble adding icons for Blu-ray players, external recorders, however the TV menus are a bit sluggish and we felt it is liable to confuse the users where it is expected to help them.

We see a gamut of TVs and naturally by extension, TV menus and yet it took a fair amount of time to get the hang of it. We of course like the much simple remote control, though. Most Remote controllers come with a whole lot of buttons on them and some far too many, so you will appreciate the logic of producing a much simpler interface. It is an effort worth appreciable, but this said we think the manufacturer has to do some more course correction down the line as for the design before we actually take to this novel system.

Energy saving features:

Making use of the latest LED Backlight technology, thePhilips 37PFL7605H 37 LED LCD TVis a more sustainable choice with a lower energy consumption and longer life than conventional LCD and Plasma TVs. Unlike CCFL backlights, no mercury is used in the manufacture. The manufacturer claims this LED TV is 40% more energy efficient than conventional LCD TVs.


Compared to most previous releases from Philips, this one is too good under any standards. All the flaws of it's predecessors have been fixed, so we are pretty happy there. Yes, agreed that you need to mess around with almost every setting before you set things right, but we kind of like to toy around with setting, so that is absolutely fine by us. Take the Natural Motion feature as an example, we found that we had to turn it off as it makes the picture a bit juddery on fast scenes and mind you it is one thing that is supposed to mitigate the effect.

Now the cost factor, is 600 too pricey for a 37 TV? Yes, but the fact that it is an LED-edge-lit Television set with Ambilight presents a slightly better value for price-conscious consumers. So if you are on the hunt for a smaller TV screen without a wee bit of compromise, we think it is certainly worth a check out. But do not forget you are in for a little battle getting the TVs picture processing to work well for you. Therefore, if you have a phobia of setting up TV sets, think twice before going for this one!

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