Surge Protection

Electronics are expensive investments. Protect yours with a whole house surge protector.

What is a Surge Protector?

A whole house surge protector shields all of your house appliances in from any unexpected voltage spike, and it does this by restricting excess electrical current, diverging it and sending it to ground.

Without whole house surge protection any power surge can cause your electronics to completely fry, damage or even if they somehow still work, the exposure to repeated surges can lower their lifetime performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a surge protector protecting my home?

Many homeowners like to use power surge protector strips as their go-to electronics protection. These devices look like regular power strips, with the added feature of voltage surge protection anywhere from 400 volts or less. If you are not buying cheap dollar stores ones, the pricier ones come with an indicator that shows if they have been worn out and it is time to replace them. Most power surge protector strips plug into a wall outlet and can double as outlets for multiple devices. The issue which most often arises is that the power surge protector strip are connected to a wall and when power surge comes running through there is very little to no possible protection for the electronics plugged into the strip. These strips are okay for non essential cheap electronics, which you don’t mind replacing if they fry, but I would be very weary to connect my laptop, home audio and home theater systems, your video game consoles, TV, microwaves etc.

Why should I install a whole house surge protector?

Whole house surge protection devices are your best defense against unwanted power surges, especially because they can protect all your electronics, including those that are not plugged to a wall such as your central AC. When a Made Electric electrician is called to a home, they install the whole house protection devices to the home’s electrical panel box. The advantage of these devices is that they can stop large surges from external sources, such as lighting and other high-energy surges and diverge it to the ground, saving you thousands of dollars in house fire damages.

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